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  1. Hi,

    I am working on a usecase using Hyperledger Indy and Aries in which have below queries,

    1) In Indy official docs, it is written that  Client-Client and node-node communication happens on CurveZMQ. 

    Reference link

      (a) In this regard, who is exactly a client? Is it another node which is participating in Indy pool or is it an external client outside of the Indy pool like mobile app or any other?

     (b)With regard to this, can you detail me how exactly public keys are managed for CurveZMQ in Indy wrt codebase and how the mobile or web agents (which are used as connectors ) get this server public keys?

     As In CurveZMQ official documentation, it is been said that, “To start a secure connection the client needs the server permanent public key

     Read The Docs - CurveZMQ

    Please help me out with the above queries as little stuck in this perspective.

    Hoping for a positive response.

    Thanks in Advance!

    1. Navya T – I suggest asking your questions on some of the Indy specific community forums, such as the Indy chat channels, mailing list or their community calls.  It is likely the Indy developers won't see your question here.  You can find links to those forums at:

      Hyperledger Indy

      And there is also a deep dive Indy technical workshop this Thursday, Feb 3 that you can go to and that could help you with your questions as well.  If you can't make it to that, the recording will be posted to the Hyperledger YouTube channel after.

    2. David Boswell- Thanks for responding. I have mailed the query on respective list of mails .

      Unable to chat, as the chat window shows white screen.

      Request you to help in this regard in reaching the correct personnel.

      Thanks in Advance!

      Hoping for a positive response.

      1. Navya T – I'm sorry to hear that the chat option isn't working for you.  I would suggest posting to the Indy mailing list instead and that will get your question to the people in the community who have expertise around Indy.  You can subscribe to the list and get information on how to post at:

        I would also encourage you to go to the workshop this Thursday if you're able.  There will also be people there who can answer your question about Indy.