Project Health

  • 3 Maintainers
  • code and doc PRs being submitted and merged
  • New contributor providing new fabric capability
  • 2 Mentorship programs submitted
  • several questions via RC/Discord as will as github issues
  • Regular contributor calls

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos? Yes
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos? Yes
  3. Has your project implemented these inclusive language changes listed below to your repo? You can optionally use the DCI Lint tool to make this a recurring action on your repo. No
    1. master → main
    2. slave → replicas
    3. blacklist → denylist
    4. whitelist → allowlist
  4. Have you added an Inclusive Language Statement to your project's documentation and/or Wiki pages? No

Questions/Issues for the TSC

Not at this time


v0.4.2 release on Dec 2020

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

  • Bug fixes
  • Support LTS node versions
  • Documentation fixes
  • Active discussions on rocket chat, github issues and now discord 
  • build improvements
  • planning for next release
  • new fabric connector to support the new peer gateway api being contributed
  • improvements to Caliper Benchmarks to provide a useful set of samples for Caliper
  • experimental declarative workload modules contributed by the mentorship scheme

Current Plans

  • 0.5.0 Milestone published which will bring Caliper up to date with various bug fixes, general improvements, plus the new fabric connector to a gateway peer and experimental release of the declarative workload module
  • 0.5.1 Milestone published which provisionally contains more capabilities for the gateway peer, but still in planning

Maintainer Diversity

Current Maintainers

Contributor Diversity

Contributions from maintainers, plus new contributor Francesco Vlacancich

Additional Information

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  1. I'd be interested to know what your goals are to get to release v1.0.

    1. We identified the following goals to deem Caliper mature enough for a major v1.0 release:

      1. Increase unit test coverage.
      2. Cover major features/scenarios in CI integration tests.
      3. Expose Caliper services (events, messages, Prometheus, etc) to plugins uniformly (e.g., through a CaliperContext).
      4. Unify the plugin mechanism (a single module should be able to export multiple types and multiple variants of plugins, e.g., two types of RateController, a WorkloadModule implementation, etc.). Especially the monitor-reporter data flow. Once the plumbing in 3 is done, these should be easier.
      5. Provide a minimal feature set across connectors (e.g., target multiple nodes, use multiple identities, use multiple contracts).