The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) consists of 11 elected members of the technical contributor community. The responsibilities of the TOC are to steer the technical direction for Hyperledger. A full set of TOC responsibilities are defined in the  Hyperledger Charter, but include:

The TOC election is held every fall. More information about elections can be found here: TSC Election 2021TOC Election 2022

The TOC has a weekly meeting on Thursdays at 10am EST / 2pm GMT: join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Zoom Link

Check the calendar for timezone information.

Please join the mailing list and the Hyperledger Discord (#toc) to stay up-to-date.

View the Hyperledger TOC Playlist on YouTube. 

Current TOC members serving on the committee for 2024:


All Hyperledger meetings are run covered by the following Antitrust Policy.

Meeting Records

2023 Hyperledger TOC Meeting Agendas + Recordings can be found here:

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#toc channel on the Hyperledger Discord

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