Hyperledger Grid: https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/grid 

Project Health

Health is good. Roadmap items for release 0.4 are currently in development. 

Required Information

  1. Have you switched from master to main in all your repos? Yes
  2. Have you implemented the Common Repository Structure in all your repos? Yes
  3. Has your project implemented these inclusive language changes listed below to your repo? You can optionally use the DCI Lint tool to make this a recurring action on your repo.
    1. master → main Yes
    2. slave → replicas N/A
    3. blacklist → denylist N/A
    4. whitelist → allowlist Yes
  4. Have you added an Inclusive Language Statement to your project's documentation and/or Wiki pages? The statement has not been added.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No issues.


  • Grid 0.3.5 - 5/29/2022

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Work continues on the implementation of components for batch-tracking within Grid. Multiple new components will be added to augment the process of submitting a batch and overseeing its lifecycle. Allowing batches to be submitted in plain JSON will make integrations simpler for Grid. 

Additionally, began work on an RFC for the Grid Document smart contract. Grid Document is a simple filesystem-like smart contract that will enable users to store and share files within Grid. 

The main source of asynchronous engagement is on Discord and RFC PRs remain. 

Current Plans

Current work is focused on batch tracking components within Grid for the next release, 0.4, and designing the Grid Document smart contract. 

Maintainer Diversity

Maintainers are the same as the previous quarter. Current maintainers are:



Amelia Bradley


Andi Gunderson


Chris Eckhardt


Dan Middleton


Darian Plumb


Dave Cecchi


Davey Newhall


James Mitchell


Peter Schwarz


Richard Berg


Ryan Banks


Ryan Beck-Buysse


Shannyn Telander


Shawn Amundson


Contributor Diversity

Contributor diversity remains steady with previous quarters, with some share of the project's overall diversity coming from non-developer participation in their areas of expertise. 

Sponsoring organizations that are actively contributing to Grid include Cargill, Target, GS1, and Bitwise IO. Additional contributions come from individual contributors. 

There were a total of 7 contributors in the last quarter.

Additional Information

Insights from May 23rd 2022 to August 25th 2022


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  1. A list of corporations was part of contributor diversity.  Can you add a similar summary to the maintainer diversity section?

  2. The maintainers are currently employed by Bitwise IO (8), Cargill (1), Intel (1), and unaffiliated (4). We don't list employment next to names anymore because changes to employer doesn't change maintainer status and has thus become orthogonal (but, we try and capture this in the contributor section - a lot of the contributions happen by maintainers).