The Supply Chain SIG has merged with the Trade Finance SIG, and is now Supply Chain and Trade Finance SIG.  Please visit the new wiki page for the latest updates.

News and Updates


The activities of the Supply Chain SIG include:

  • Identifying related reference architectures (for example  business and integration architecture, technical and infrastructure architecture), frameworks such as Hyperledger Grid, and models (OSI), use cases, current pilots and proofs of concept, and production case studies;

  • Sharing stories of successes, failures, opportunities and challenges;

  • Exploring and addressing cross-cutting architectural principles, options and decisions  like performance and scalability, security, identity management and privacy, and identity in logistic contexts

  • Working towards proposing solutions to the problems identified;

  • Identifying the business community and building an inclusive platform for early adopters to contribute with their experiences.

  • Supply Chain best practices, awareness of and working in accordance with such rules as customs & import export regulations

Here is the complete scope and charter of this group:

Here are the Quarterly Reports for the SIG to track progress since inception.

SIG Chair

Tom Klein
SIG Vice-ChairErik
Hyperledger Staff POC

Daniela Barbosa

SIG MembersMember Introductions

Meeting Schedule,
Notes & Recordings

Meeting DateTopicNotesSlidesRecording
December 23, 2021No Call.  Christmas and End of the year holidays.

December 9, 20211CONA use of Hyperledger

November 25, 2021No Call.  US Thanksgiving

November 11, 2021Trusty for Food Producers
Presentation by Trustyon YouTube
October 28th, 2021Thoughts from new Hyperledger Executive Director, Daniela Barbosa, and initial discussion on the best ways to start a blockchain trial.Check out the New Hyperledger Foundation and updated Mission statement
10 28 21 Recording
October 14th, 2021BONbLOC presents two Supply Chain Projects
BONbLOC DeckBONbLOC Recording
September 16th, 2021Open Discussion

Recording for 91621.mp4
September 2, 2021RFI and Use Case Small Project Working Session

August 19, 2021General Meeting 2021-08-19 Meeting notes - Supply Chain SIG General Meeting
no- recording 
August 5, 2021No Call - Vacation

July 22, 2021Renault XCEED Project with Odile Panciatici

July 8, 2021RFI and Use Case Small Project Working Session
no slidesWorking Session 7 8 21
June 24, 2021Tokenization to improve Agriculture Supply Chains- 

Johannes Pulsfort

Impact tokenization and Innovative Financial Models for Agricultural Supply Chains_JP.pdf

June 10, 2021Canceled - Attend Global Forum

May 27, 2021Working Session - Supply Chain Use Cases and RFI Questions
no slidesRecording
May 13, 2021Small Projects Working Session
no slidesRecording
April 29, 2021Keeping PACE with blockchain in Ocean Transportation  by Amy Xia from William & Mary
April 15, 2021Working session - Value Add Projects by our SIG
no slidesRecording
April 1, 2021Canceled

March 18, 2021Mak from Sprytech

March 4, 2021KompiTech on smoothing the transport of mining chemicals
KompiTech SIGRecording
February 18, 2021Aljosja Beije from Blocklab and Besu project for ports
Blocklab using Besu Case StudyRecording
February 4, 2021Si Chen on the Hyperledger Climate Action and Accounting SIG

January 21, 2021Surge
Surge Hyperledger Supply Chain jan 21.pdfRecording
January 7, 2021Kickoff
Growth and Value Ideas.pdf2021 Kickoff, 2H of call
December 24, 2020No Call, Christmas and Happy New Year.

December 10, 2020Patrick Duffy, President, Blockchain in Transport Alliance, and Ben Kothari, CEO Ampliflex, shared an update on the BiTA standards work.

Acuwize BiTAS Presentation.pdf

BiTA Deck for Hyperledger SC SIG (Dec 2020) - w_ Acuwize Slides.pdf

November 26, 2020No Call. US Thanksgiving.

November 12, 2020KrypC, a low code platform for Hyperledger Fabric will be presenting on a project called "The Other Bar" by the Fairchain Foundation, which tracks the supply chain of cocoa beans in chocolate bar that is sold to end customers.Notes
October 15, 2020Tracifier does traceability on the food & CPG industry using the blockchain technology.
September 17, 2020Circulor and Oracle about the project to track cobalt supplies used in EV batteries.Notes

September 3, 2020Available! - please reach out to if you would like to present.NotesSlidesRecording
August 20, 2020Consortia enables you to rapidly configure, deploy and manage blockchain consortiums. NotesSlidesRecording
August 6, 2020Details coming soon!
July 23, 2020Presentation from MOBI: Open Mobility Network in Building the New Economy of Movement
July 9, 2020"To Blockchain or to EDI?" presentation by Arun Samuga and Michael McKeoughNotesSlides (1, 2)Recording
June 25, 2020Presentation by Roland Faure on blockchain for hazardous goods supply chain in Europe and Certification of processes
June 11, 2020GS1 Blockchain Whitepaper and Interoperability Pilot update by Kevin OttoNotesSlidesRecording
May 28, 2020Presentation from DLT Labs about Walmart Canada freight payment blockchain
May 14, 2020Presentation by Erik Valiquette from Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain AssociationNotesSlidesRecording
April 30, 2020Global dialogue on seafood traceability presentation by Thomas Burke from IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC)NotesSlidesRecording
April 16, 2020Presentation on ScanTrust by Ricardo GarciaNotesSlidesRecording
April 2, 2020No meeting (Cancelled)

March 19, 2020Digital Identity in the Supply Chain presentation by Heather VescentNotesSlidesRecording
March 5, 2020No meeting (Cancelled due to Hyperledger Global Forum)

February 20, 2020Blockchain for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain presentation by Priya GopalNotesSlidesRecording
February 6, 2020Trust Your Supplier Discussion & Demonstration by ChainyardNotesSlidesRecording
January 23, 2020Hyperledger Besu presentation by ConsenSys

January 9, 2020An Introduction to Digital Asset, DAML-Driven Standards, and Modeling Supply Chain WorkflowsNotesNo slidesRecording
December 12, 2019Presentation from Inbound Tech on their MPC based secure walletNotesSlidesRecording
November 28, 2019No meeting (Cancelled due to US Thanksgiving holiday)

November 14, 2019No meeting (Cancelled due to technical issues)

October 31, 2019No meeting (Cancelled due to US Halloween holiday)

October 17, 2019Blockchain for Transportation Alliance (BiTA) presentation by Patrick DuffyNotesSlidesRecording
October 3, 2019AgendaNotesSlidesRecording
September 19, 2019AgendaNotesNo slidesRecording
September 5, 2019Agenda

August 22, 2019No meeting

August 8, 2019


July 25, 2019
  • Featured Speaker: Gokul Kandiraju, IBM Research, Overview/Update on "Food Trust" Blockchain consortium.
  • New Member Intros, open discussion
  • Project Updates

July 11, 2019



No slides

Santanu Mukherjee - Food Consortium - Slides

Part 01

Part 02

July 4, 2019NO MEETING - U.S. National Holiday

June 20, 2019NotesSlidesRecording
June 6, 2019




Dave Cecchi - Project Grid Overview Slides 


May 23, 2019

(Inaugural Meeting)

  • SIG Introduction
  • Group Logistics & Housekeeping
  • Brainstorming Project Ideas
  • Next steps

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  1. For those interested in attending, the FDA is hosting a Public Meeting on a New Era of Smarter Food Safety

  2. Any issues here? I can not subscribe the mail list.

  3. The link in Mailing List is bad but in the Getting Started is good.

  4. What the address that you are using and the specific issue/error you are experiencing?

  5. Hi i am a newcomer in this SIG and interested in participating in the meeting, "Pharma presentation by Priya Gopal " being held on 20th of Feb, 

    May I know more info for the agenda Mr/Mrs Gopal is going to speak?  

    Thanks for your time in advance!

    1. Video and slides have been posted.

  6. Sept 17 and Aug 20th added meeting notes.