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Hi All, 

We had another great turnout. Thanks for your active participation. 

Here are the notes from our meeting on June 6. 

  • Recap of last meeting - answered member questions/follow ups from offline threads.  
  • John Hopkins shared detailed info on Overlay Data Capture Architecture (papers, presentation)
  • Project Grid Overview Presentation by Dave Cecchi - Project Grid Overview Slides
  • Member Introductions (apologies for any typos, typed as heard on phone). Feel free to reply-all with correction.
    • Mark Rakhmilevich, Oracle, interested in Supply Chain use cases project 
    • Evelyn Mei, Oracle, Transportation Mgmt and Global Trade Mgmt Use Cases 
    • Baiju Jacob and Jimjees Abrahams, Chaindigit, Pharma supply chain and food traceability projects
    • Ben Taylor, Ledger domain, Clinical supplies, US FDA, healthcare supply chain
    • Sid Jain, Johnson & Johnson, Supply Chain Group, Pharma Supply Chain Traceability
    • Michael Ribet, Sofbang, Supply Chain Solutions for Manufacturing
    • Anant Kadiala, Oracle, Track and Trace of Goods 
    • Gurdeep Kalra, Infosys, Supply Chain Solutions & Use Cases
    • Bret Carpenter, Kragco, Supply Chain in Precious Metals - Geospatial & GPS tech
    • Marco Carvalho, David McLauglin, RSM, Food supply chain, Finance, Pharma, Retail, Integration with MS Dynamics365
    • Victor Cavazos, Mexico, PruMarket, Full Farm to Fork Traceability
    • Vikram B…, Huron Consulting Group, Internal blockchain for Healthcare, and other industries
    • Soren, affiliated Oregon State University, Track and Trace and indirect procurement
    • Ian Mc…, American Petroleum Institute, Drilling equipment, GPS, Critical recertification in Oil & Gas
    • Dan Middleton, Chair of Tech Steering Committee of Hyperledger
    • David, Onyx, Available for any help
    • Ricardo, Scantrust, Berlin, Secure QR code for identification, consortium governance, blockchain for supply chain

We will continue the introductions for members in the next meeting. 

Project members may please start to add your email, project description, purpose, and scope in the project page as a start. It is desirable that everyone in the SIG associate themselves with at least one project.

Anyone who hash’s yet signed up for any project, please do so by going to project proposal page and adding your name there by editing the wiki page.  

As always, let me know if there are any questions.

Kind regards,

Jay Chugh

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