Members are requested to add their brief introductions here, by adding a row to the table below. Also, feel free to edit your entry as you see fit. 

Here is a suggested format (but feel free to introduce any way you like) - Where are you based, what do you do, what interested you to join the SIG, and what projects are you interested in in the area of Blockchain for Supply Chain.


Brief Introduction

Mark Anthony MorrisStartup Founder | CEO | CTO of Layered™ Blockchain & Hempchain™, a SaaS Agricultural Supply Chain Platform & Marketplace powered by Integrated Interoperable Hyperledger Fabric for Business Networks and Hyperledger Sawtooth for Sensor Networks incorporating AI (Bayesian Networks, CNN, RNN, GAN), AR, IIoT, and Aerial and Terrestrial Robotics with a suite of integrated modular and extensible Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, CMS, ECOMM, MRP, HR, PM and Finance (GL/AP/AR). 

Allan Gulley

Auburn University RFID Lab, Leading the first proof-of-concept for item-level IoT data exchange in the retail Retail and Apparel industry, Educating corporate partners on blockchain technology and its disruptive potential
Gokul KandirajuIBM Food Trust Technical Leader and Client Success Manager
Jim LynchGlobal Standards Director for GS1 US, Responsible for EPCIS, CBV, and Blockchain, Interested in collaborating with the industry concerning Blockchain for Supply Chain 
Aman JoharProteum Capital, Los Altos, CA. Investing and deploying blockchain technology, interested in Blockchain Credentials - Education Tech, Supply Chain applications, Digital ID and Tokenization for Enterprise Use CAses
Jason JaanKPMG, business and supply chain operation solution planning and implementation via Hyperledger Fabric
Joseph Catende

Out of Florida, Accountant, F500 company, Interested in Grid, access to codebase, Entrepreneur. Thinking of a startup in the sustainability for the apparel industry

Yusak RabinConsulting - Singapore, Senior Manager for Risk Assurance - Transformation Assurance, interested in blockchain implementation for eCommerce/Retail & Food Use Cases.
Bret Carpenter

Financial professional, Asset management in precious metal. Bold Forward with CDW, Inception program with Nvidia - Geospatial - Would like to present AR and Geospatial technology he is developing. Kragco, Supply Chain in Precious Metals - Geospatial & GPS tech

Kamlesh Nagware

VP Blockchain Technologies, Snapper Future Tech,Pune India, Building supply chain solutions for different sectors based on Hyperledger Fabric

Christian Winzeler

Works in RSM, based in S. California, Food & Beverage consulting practice, interested in Food Safety

Amim Knabben

Logistics company in NY

Wesley Graham

Oracle, Product Management, Track and Trace app, interested in defining standards 

John Hopkins

Track and Trace  for a cannabis startup, interested in Grid, working on Semantics Working Group working on overlays to create shared context across different ledgers

Mark Rakhmilevich

Mary Hall

Oracle, interested in Supply Chain use cases projects 

Oracle, Director of Blockchain Product Marketing, interested in Supply Chain use cases projects for fashion, retail & food

Evelyn Mei

Oracle, Transportation Mgmt and Global Trade Mgmt Use Cases 

Baiju Jacob and Jimjees Abrahams

Chaindigit, Pharma supply chain, and food traceability projects

Ben TaylorLedger domain, Clinical supplies, US FDA, healthcare supply chain
Sid JainJohnson & Johnson, Supply Chain Group, Pharma Supply Chain Traceability
Michael Ribet

Sofbang, Supply Chain Solutions for Manufacturing

Anant Kadiala

Oracle, Track and Trace of Goods 

Gurdeep Kalra

Infosys, Supply Chain Solutions & Use Cases

Marco Carvalho

RSM, Food supply chain, Finance, Pharma, Retail, Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

David McLauglinRSM, Food supply chain, Finance, Pharma, Retail, Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Victor CavazosMexico, PruMarket, Full Farm to Fork Traceability
Vikram B…Huron Consulting Group, Internal blockchain for Healthcare, and other industries
Sorenaffiliated Oregon State University, Track and Trace and indirect procurement
Ian Mc…American Petroleum Institute, Drilling equipment, GPS, Critical recertification in Oil & Gas
Dan MiddletonChair of Tech Steering Committee of Hyperledger
David, OnyxAvailable for any help
Uche OgbonnaSupply Chain Specialist based in Nigeria. Highly knowledgeable in Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Supply Chain Processes and Technology. Interested in using Hyperledger Blockchain in solving Supply Chain Challenges.


Scantrust, Berlin, Secure QR code for identification, consortium governance, blockchain for supply chain
Jeff StollmanRMTM, principal consultant, 4 patents pending in blockchain - 1 specific to supply chain; have developed a high-level DSCSA solution that centralizes trading partner data, but prevents direct viewing of any data for confidentiality.  Located outside of Philadelphia.
Richard DuncanSupply Chain specialist based in Australia working with Wesfarmers group omnichannel retail brands such as Officeworks, Target, Kmart and Bunnings. Focused on digital transformation, operations excellence and innovation across the supply chain.
Santanu MukherjeeMindtree Blockchain COE Lead. Architect of Food Supply Chain Platform on R3 Corda which is in production
Eric VillagomezFrom Phoenix, Arizona; EDI/B2B Project Manager via Semi Conductor industry and interested in the supply chain solutions and use cases
Dr Kent LauPractising Pharmacist in Hong Kong.  Blockchain consultant for several startups in healthcare and food supply.
Shijo ThomasProduct Manager based in London and working in the area of Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chains. Experienced in supply chain mapping, supplier collaboration and raw material traceability for the fashion and footwear industry. Available for any contributions.
Deverick CrippenConvergence Specialist at Perdue Farms with interest in Hyperledger Case Uses for Food Safety and Traceability.
Randy AmielSenior Technical Consultant; Supply Chain - Avaap, Inc. a partner with Infor, Inc that is researching implementing a variant of Hyperledger Fabric called supply-chain-insights on github. It would be implemented by GT Nexus one of the largest supply chain networks in the world.
Dorivaldo SantosProspective entrepreneur based in Luanda (Angola) and State College (Pennsylvania) looking to help build a pipeline for the delivery of goods between both countries.
Majush PhilipPrincipal Consultant - Supplychain practice at Infosys , based out of Bangalore India. Interested in using hyperledger to improve supplychain - especially for improving traceability and data quality for planning.
Sunil SanjeevMicrosoft (Product Management Azure Blockchain), based in Bangalore, India. Interested in supply chain use cases, projects and standards
Tomomi YamanoIT Engineer based in Tokyo Japan,  My special interests are technical and product space in supply chain/healthcare industries.  More specifically, traceability. transparency, counterfeit prevention for generic drugs with superb technology. ^^ )  @tomomi.yamano
Jim Mason

Blockchain Solutions Architect  - Blockchain Practice Leader, Paramount Software Solutions |  Sky Web Team

focus on Enterprise blockchain solutions and projects using Fabric and other Hyperledger solutions

Rajesh KrishnanSenior Technical Architect, Dell Technologies.  Working on Enterprise blockchain solutions and projects using Fabric . Interested in Supply chain, Logistics, and transportation. Member of Hyperledger India Group .
Alicia Noel

Consulting with organizations around the world that are developing agriculture and food-related platforms which use blockchain, with a focus on supply chain traceability. Also curating a research collection on Blockchain Uses for Social and Economic Equity in Agriculture and Food Production for Swiss academic journal Frontiers in Blockchain.

Clive Boulton

Strong interests in multi-party security for supply chain and sustainability. Member of the Hyperleger Architecture Working Group. Past Chair of the Hyperledger Requirements WG. 

Akshaya RaviVice President of KrypC - a domain-agnostic, low-code, lifecycle management solution for any Hyperledger based blockchain program. It addresses all aspects of the lifecycle – Build, Deploy, Manage and Scale.
Brian AoaehCofounder & General Partner at REFASHIOND Ventures an early stage venture fund investing in supply chain technology and innovation. Cofounder of The New York Supply Chain Meetup & The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation. Adjunct professor of Supply Chain & Operations Management in the Department of Technology Management & Innovation at the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU. Contributor at FreightWaves.
Chris SmithHouston based VP of Sales for KrypC - a full service blockchain provider. Looking to network with HLF members and to be a resource for any enterprises in need of blockchain expertise, services or software. Interested in blockchain projects around traceability, sustainability and warranty validation.
Erik Valiquette

Erik is the co-founder and president of the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association. Through their core services of Advocacy, Collaboration and Education, they bring together like-minded professionals who want to explore Blockchain in their supply chain. The member-driven association's goal is to accelerate the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology through dialog, to help shape policy with governmental agencies for improved services, and to help the community's voice to be heard.

With a 30 year career in logistics, he’s passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business needs and is a firm believer that Blockchain has the potential to bring global supply chain management to the next level by reducing waste. Erik is based in Montreal, Canada.

Yari Borbon-GalvezSenior Research Fellow at LIUC Università Carlo Cattaneo. Interested in Supply chain, Logistics, and transportation. Researching on digitalization, blockchain, security, sustainability and optimization.
Neha MutkeTech Lead, Snapper Future Tech. Working on supplychain product for food traceability. 
Sristhi Assudani Director, SettleMint, India. Interested in Supply chain, Logistics and Transportation.member of Hyperledger India Chapter. Member of GBA. 
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  1. Hello - Could someone pls guide on how could I enlist myself on Member Intro List. Thanks & Regards, Abhishek

  2. Hi Abhishek

    Thank you for reach out out and for your interest in the Supply Chain SIG! If not already registered to the mailing list, please send an email to 

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    Erik Valiquette

    Vice-chair Supply Chain SIG

  3. Thank you much Erik. Am already subscribed to Supply Chain SIG since past several months and following the developments closely including the much welcomed merger of both SC & TF interest groups, given broader play to convergence which it shall bring to fore. Unfortunately have not been able to contribute ever to discussions and was hoping to pick from hereon. Look forward. Wish my best to all.



  4. Great to see you are already subscribed! FYI, we are planning some meetings with "India friendly" times as we do want more participation beyond our North America timezone.