• Wallet VS Agent
  • Scope and purpose of Aries


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Welcome / Introductions) 


Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Observations - VC Myopathy vs a focus on the results.
    • DIDComm is a large differentiator here
    • Also generally (and possibly unrelatedly?) associated with privacy features of VCs (this may be historical?)
  • Wallet vs Agent
    • Agents
      • Non walletey protocols - q/a, basicmessage
      • protocols for interaction
      • Broader term than wallet
      • wallet with extra capabilities?
      • rich interactions, some of which involve keys and credentials.
    • Wallet
      • sometimes used for mobile devices
      • sometimes refers to the key/credential management functions
      • part of an app built for a larger purpose
      • much stronger term to those outside our sphere - easier to relate to
      • credentials are the easiest to grasp concept - first point of traction.
      • 'My' wallet - not wallet others have for me.
      • Business wallets different from personal wallets, but still super important for similar reasons.
      • Can we call it a 'smart' wallet? 
      • key management / credential mangement
      • Overloading wallet is ok?
    • Misc
      • The term 'phone' has changed. The iPhone has a 'phone' app.
      • Real people don't care what it's called?
      • They care about what it does for them.
      • Context matters in what terms we use and when.

  • Open Wallet Foundation
  • Notes from this meeting
    • Items that are expected by the community from OpenWallet Foundation
      • Education
      • Webinars
      • Blogs
      • Meetups
    • Marketing committee (Helen)
      • long overdue work that could help clarify Aries brand.
      • Hyperledger brand refresh under way (late June)
    • Two topics
      • Aries scope
        • What is it
          • Set of frameworks that can work with protocols, credential types, crypto, etc. from a wide variety of sources. - John Jordan
          • SSI built on top of DIDComm, primarily using HL Indy - Timo (what it is now)
            • Has grown past that - Andre
          • My own interpretation is that Aries is the protocol which verifiable credentials are issued, held, and presented. Right now the protocol is didcomm/anoncreds/indy based. But those are evolving to be abstracted and support other standards (transport, credential format/type, and ledger agnostic) - Clecio
          • foundation / underpinning is indy, anoncreds, and didcomm. Perception outside our group is that Aries IS those things. - Warren
          • Wallet vs Agent terms
        • What happens if work exceeds that scope?
      • Potential move to OWF
    • What is the pitch from OWF?
      • (every other week is a conflict for the OWF Technical Advisory Council)
    • Aries is a few things (mechanically)
      • Software
      • Protocol Design
      • Aries Interop Profile
      • Interop Testing
      • OCA
  • Notes from last meeting on the topic 
    • The Opportunity
      • A potential re-homing of Aries to OWF
    • The Circumstances
      • Community needs decisions together
    • The Challenges
    • Notes on discussion and questions to be clarified
      • High ambition level of OWF
        • Goal is to create code that has relevance in code that meets regulatory requirements (e.g. as part of the EU Digital Identity Wallet)
        • Aries features and approaches can gain better representation in compliance and regulatory settings employing wallets (key leverage point for Aries community)
        • Outreach to European Commission already established at OWF
      • Funding
      • Project Support from Hyperledger
        • Hyperledger social reach is larger
        • Training workshop organized by HyperLedger
      • Code and Standards being co-located in the same org is difficult
      • Aries implementing standards designed outside of Aries
        • mDL
        • OpenID4VerifiableCredentials
        • Beyond Aries?
      • OWF explicitly does not want to create standards, OWF core is creating code to implement standards
      • Perception of the scope of Aries? What Aries does/is:
        • RfCs
        • Code matching RfCs
        • Interop Profiles
      • ToDo: More clearly communicate what Aries does, also towards OWF

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Niels Klomp offered a deeper dive into the openid4vc related flows
  • Thomas - Nessus DIDComm 0.23.2 First Release
    • Wallet abstraction for AcaPy + Nessus native
    • Camel Http Endpoint for Nessus agent
    • Support for RFC0434 Out-of-Band Invitation V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0023 Did Exchange V1
    • Support for RFC0048 Trust Ping V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0095 Basic Message V1 & V2
    • CLI to work with supported protocols and model
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

Call Recording

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