• Machine Readable Governance Update
  • AIP v2 Update


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Welcome / Introductions


  • DIDComm WG Voting to approve V2 on Monday!
  • Cardea Interopathon June 16 (includes basic protocol testing–connection using connections v.1 and OOB invitations, issuance, presentations, basic message, question and answer)

Release Status and Work Updates


Discussion Topics

  • Machine-readable governance using governance framework files update - Mike
    • Response at IIW
    • Work item at the DIF Claims and Credentials Working Group
    • Major parts
      • Meta data
      • Schema list
      • Trusted participants
      • Roles and permissions
      • Actions (which allow for workflows)
        • Protocols
        • Decisions
        • APIs
      • Utilize DIF presentation definitions (presentation exchange)
      • Looking to add DIF credential manifests
    • Releasing basic implementation in Cardea
    • Should investigate OCA schema (make sure the file is more human-readable). See:
    • Should interface with TOIP
      • Who are the trusted issuers?
      • Who are the authorized verifiers?
      • What schemas are we using? (and how are they defined?)
      • Important note: It's not strictly centralized
      • TOIP has no problem incorporating existing work for defining schemas and other useful information specified by other parties
  • Status update for AIP v2 - Let's cover this again later, esp. when the AIP v2 leaders (Sam Curren or Steven Curran or Timo) are here to discuss
    • What progress has everybody made?
    • What items are being difficult?
    • Which optional targets have folks worked on?
  • Pickup Protocol
    • PR 737 - Add support for `message_id` in notification - no objections or changes were voiced during today's meeting.

Other Business

Future Topics

  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?
  • Standardized attribute names for AnonCreds - alignment with VC data model. (Paul Bastian)
    • terms and conditions (as link)
    • machine-readable governance?

Action items

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