The Indy Agent Working Group has been moved as part of the Aries extraction. The new meeting is the Aries Working Group Call.

Meeting Agendas and Notes

2019-05-08 Agent Call

IIW Review, Topics and Demos

Aries Project Approval, Discussion of Transition to Aries. Vote on call landed in favor of rebranding call instead of starting a new one.

Discussion of Peer DID Method. Note that this topic went far past the original scheduled time and most callers dropped off. The recording contains the complete discussion, and so is a much longer recording than normal.

2019-04-24 Agent Call

Covered updates to the credential exchange HIPE, including the format of attachments, credential format separation of concerns, etc. Comment added to the Pull Request summarizing the conversation.

Went over a first cut at what a payments decorator might look like and explored some expectations about what payments are and how they might be handled at the messaging layer.

A proposal was presented for reaching concensus on an important component of the Peer DID Method Spec - whether the DID string should be a UUID derived from the initial verkey of the DID's associated key pair.

No meeting next week due to IIW.

2019-04-17 Agent Call

Introducing agents to each other and how that applies to connecting agents and tooling such as a test suite. 

Standardizing agent messages into URLs, to allow for new user experience alongside apps with registered protocol handlers.

Wire level format optimization to avoid unnecessary computational and message size growth when sending previously encrypted ciphertext.

2019-04-10 Agent Call

Testing Updates, which led to a conversation about the details surrounding agents.

Ephemeral Challange update with comments on needed doc updates.

2019-04-03 Agent Call

Peer DID Message Spec Update.

Signature Discussion, including movement toward JWS.

Historical Notes (Pre April 2019):

Past recordings can be found here: Indy Agent Recordings

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