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Recent / Upcoming Meetings

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    2019-08-26 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy) — Expected topics
    • Release updates
    • Proposal to improve performance of the Indy SDK CI test pipeline
    • Proposal to support Fully Qualified DIDs
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    2019-08-19 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Release updates
    • Rich schemas HIPE
    • Proposal to improve performance of the Indy SDK CI test pipeline
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    2019-07-29 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Work and release updates
    • Improvements to Indy Node including PBFT view change
    • Schedule for future calls
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    2019-07-15 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Discussed release status of various dependent components
    • GitLab migration still in progress
    • What to do about IndySDK→AriesSDK+IndyResolver migration
      • C Callable Wrappers and Rust
      • Anoncreds 2.0
      • Schema 2.0
    • Documentation updates
      • Call to contribute or deprecate out of date documentation
    • Discussion on Indy WG call becoming an Identity WG Implementers call
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    2019-07-12 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy)
    • W
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    2019-07-01 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Update on June releases.
    • Planned releases for July and August.
    • Discussed call mechanics.
    • Discussed documentation improvements.
    • Discussed improvements to how transactions are endorsed.
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    2019-06-19 Indy SDK Working Group Agenda (Hyperledger Indy)
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    2019-06-17 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Release planning for next three months
    • Restructuring Indy calls now that we have Aries
      • Combine some of the calls?
      • Focused on getting work done: work streams and release planning
    • Plans for improving documentation
      • Focus for new developer experience should be Aries
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    2019-06-05 Indy SDK Working Group Agenda (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Release planning for next 3-4 months.
    • Update on Anoncreds 2.0
    • Update on bitcode and Rust
    • Update on Indy SDK 2.0 architecture (LibIndy vs LibAries)
    • Discussion on how Indy SDK UX relates to Sovrin Token
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    2019-06-03 Indy Maintainers Call (Hyperledger Indy) — First time doing notes on the wiki
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    2019-05-22 Indy SDK Working Group Agenda (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Planned releases for May and June.
    • Other work updates
    • Discussed problem with iOS, BitCode, and Rust.
    • Discussed evolution of Indy SDK to include an Aries SDK, including repositories, chat channels, and meetings.
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    2019-05-08 Indy SDK Working Group Agenda (Hyperledger Indy)
    • Planned May and June releases: identified key pull requests and next steps
    • Update on other in-progress work: rust cargo clippy warnings, SDK architecture to support message families
    • Shared vision for a language idiomatic library for JavaScript
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    2019-05-08 Agent Call (Hyperledger Indy) — IIW Review, Topics and Demos

    Aries Project Approval, Discussion of Transition to Aries. Vote on call landed in favor of rebranding call instead of starting a new one.

    Discussion of Peer DID Method. Note that this topic went far past the original scheduled time and most callers dropped off. The recording contains the complete discussion, and so is a much longer recording than normal.

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    2019-04-24 Indy SDK Working Group Agenda (Hyperledger Indy) — Useful work updates. Lots of volunteers to push forward projects like the HIPE for payment decorators, migration to Ursa, PR reviews, GitLab migration, language specific libraries, and static code analysis.
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    2019-04-24 Agent Call (Hyperledger Indy) — Covered updates to the credential exchange HIPE, including the format of attachments, credential format separation of concerns, etc. Comment added to the Pull Request summarizing the conversation.

    Went over a first cut at what a payments decorator might look like and explored some expectations about what payments are and how they might be handled at the messaging layer.

    A proposal was presented for reaching concensus on an important component of the Peer DID Method Spec - whether the DID string should be a UUID derived from the initial verkey of the DID's associated key pair.

    No meeting next week due to IIW.

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