Covered updates to the credential exchange HIPE, including the format of attachments, credential format separation of concerns, etc. Comment added to the Pull Request summarizing the conversation.

Went over a first cut at what a payments decorator might look like and explored some expectations about what payments are and how they might be handled at the messaging layer.

A proposal was presented for reaching concensus on an important component of the Peer DID Method Spec - whether the DID string should be a UUID derived from the initial verkey of the DID's associated key pair.

No meeting next week due to IIW.


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Sam CurrenSorvin
Stephen CurranCloud Compass/BC
Oskar van DeventerTNO (Sovrin Steward)
Nathan GeorgeSovrin
Alexi FalquierSpaceman
Tobias LookerSpark
Kyle Den HartogSpark NZ
Adam BurdettSovrin



Notable HIPEs

Streamlined HIPE Process: - Please review and comment

Next Week

No meeting next week due to IIW.

Future Topics

Introduction Protocol

Action items

  •  Stephen Curran will add comments to the Credential Exchange spec about what was a agreed to in the meeting by the group. Comment added.
  • Oskar van Deventer to proceed with the structured discussion about the concept of a verkey-derived UUID for the DID in the Peer DID Method Spec

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