How to Enter the Hyperledger Challenge

  1. Get a Linux Foundation ID (LFID)
  2. Follow Hyperledger Foundation on Linkedin or on Twitter to get updates on the Hyperledger Challenge
  3. Complete a submission here for the Ideate Challenge before the closing date.

Where can I learn more about the Hyperledger project(s)?

There are a few Hyperledger community curated resources that are available for applicants to the Hyperledger Challenge. Check back periodically as more resources will be added.

  1. Learning Resources has links to Trainings and Certifications, project tutorials, and project workshops for challenge participants to review and learn.
  2. Challenge Ambassadors are Hyperledger community leaders that are available to help challenge participants. Reach out to them directly to learn more about the Hyperledger Challenge and the resources within the Hyperledger community to get you started.
  3. Upcoming Events has a list of events and recordings of the Hyperledger Challenge events. Check it out and bring questions!

How is Hyperledger Challenge 2022 different from Hyperledger Mentorship projects?

  1. Hyperledger Challenge 2022, anybody in the community is free to propose a project.
  2. Participation in the Hyperledger Challenge 2022 is voluntary basis.
  3. Winners of the Hyperledger Challenge 2022 are rewarded. See Prizes & Awards section for complete details.
  4. Read more about Hyperledger Mentorship program at
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  1. Hi
    Thanks a lot for holding challenge hyperledger 2022.
    I have a question about this.
    where can we submit an Idea Proposal?

    best regards

    sanaz vahidi

  2. Hi Sanaz,

    You can submit an Ideate proposal here: Submissions. Click on the "Create entry for Ideate Challenge" button. It will create a proposal template.


  3. Submission for prototype challenge is in the same way, just create entry? Thanks

    1. Hi Dr.-Ing. Roman Zoun

      Thanks but I don't understand how to create prototype template because we must attach video or presentation file in prototype template.  

      Prototype Challenge Submission Requirements:

      1. Project Name
      2. Innovation Tagline (e.g., mission statement for your project - be creative!)
      3. Project Members
        1. Name
        2. Email
        3. Social Media Links (linkedin, github, twitter, etc.)
      4. Project Keywords (#hashtags)
      5. Prototype Demo: Prepare a 5 minute demonstration of your project (either video or presentation)
      6. Identify Your Community: cultivate a network of mentors and community members to help advance the proposed solution
      7. 5 minute project pitch: The presentation slides should cover the following topics:
        • Introduction
        • Problem
        • Solution
        • Traction
        • Market Opportunity
        • Competitive Edge
        • Team
        • Community “Ask"
  4. Hi Nancy Min Arun S M

    How are you?

    We and  our mentor "David  Faulstich Reis" don't know where must submit Prototype Presentation file for Prototype challenge. There isn't any times to submit it. Please tell us its link .

    Thanks Arun S M Nancy Min

    best regards

  5. Hello all,

    There were logistical issues. An email has been sent to all the participants on next steps and how to submit their prototypes. Thank you for the patience.