Ideate Challenge is Extended!

- The Ideate Challenge is closed for submissions. However, if you're from China region you can still submit until March 31st, 2022.

- If you have any questions on the Hyperledger Challenge or resources that are available to applicants, please reach out to Hyperledger Challenge Ambassadors.

Challenge Overview

The Hyperledger community is launching the Hyperledger Challenge to harness the power of communities to ideate, develop, and launch innovative solutions developed using open-source technologies. Any innovation that advances the current state-of-the-art of enterprise-grade distributed ledger technologies leveraging one or more Hyperledger projects is eligible for the Hyperledger Challenge. 

The Challenge will feature three rounds, called “Ideate”, “Prototype”, and “Launch”, to develop innovations from idea to sustainable solutions in the manner of months. Innovators competing in the challenges will have access to training, mentors  and the Hyperledger community to support the development of their solution.  The Hyperledger community is committed to be a driving force to incorporating Diversity, Civility, and Inclusion into programs. Innovators are greatly encouraged to consider diversity and inclusion when developing their teams.

The Hyperledger Foundation hosts a number of enterprise-grade blockchain software projects. The projects are conceived and built by the developer community for vendors, end user organizations, service providers, start-ups, academics and others to use to build and deploy blockchain networks or commercial solutions. This challenge will feature:

  • A network of support for future innovators to advance the current state-of-the art of enterprise-grade distributed ledger technologies. Reach out to Hyperledger Challenge Ambassadors for more information on the resources that are available in the Hyperledger community.
  • A place to partner with similar entrepreneurs, to connect with leading experts, to learn, to scale up, and to achieve real impact in the world.

The Hyperledger Foundation is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. Therefore, all innovators of the Hyperledger Challenge are requested to visit the Hyperledger Code of Conduct and Antitrust Policy Notice.

Challenge Information: Ideate, Prototype, and Launch

Ideate Challenge

Innovators IDENTIFY a concept that advances the current state-of-the-art of enterprise-grade distributed ledger technologies leveraging one or more Hyperledger projects. The proposed concept must clearly articulate a solution-market fit where the solution fulfills a market need. More information on the Ideate Challenge is here.

Ideate Prizes

  1. Participants in the ideate challenge will be given feedback on their submission, access to training courses, and matched with mentor(s) based on the identified need to support the development of their prototype solution.
  2. Winners of the ideate challenge will have their project featured as a Hyperledger Labs to encourage the community-wide engagement and development of the prototype solution.

Prototype Challenge

Innovators DEVELOP a prototype of their proposed solution that sufficiently proves the critical functionality. The prototype must sufficiently demonstrate that the solution will fulfill a market need that sustains its follow-on development. More information on the Prototype Challenge is here.

Prototype Prizes

  1. Winners of the prototype challenge will have their project featured as a Linux Foundation Crowdfunding project for follow-on collaborative development.
  2. Winners will also be provided marketing support including the opportunity to demonstrate their solution to the Technical Steering Committee, Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, and promotion across Hyperledger channels.

Launch Challenge

Innovators COLLABORATE to build an ecosystem around their software solutions. Innovators will be evaluated based on the impact of their solution for successful commercial adoption. More information on the Launch Challenge is here.

Launch Prizes

  1. Winners of the Launch challenge will receive a travel scholarship to attend Hyperledger Global Forum 2022. This will be an unique opportunity to demonstrate your solution before a global community.
  2. Runner-ups will receive Hyperledger Certification voucher(s).

Challenge Timeline**

Note: The time reference taken here is UTC -12.

  • January 18: Ideate submission opens
  • March 15: Ideate submission ends (Global)
  • March 31: Ideate submission ends (China)
  • March 15: Prototype begins
  • March 1-15: Ideate submission evaluation and mentor assignment (Global)
  • March 15-31: Ideate submission evaluation and mentor assignment (China)
  • May 10: Prototype ends
  • May 10-24: Prototype evaluation
  • May 24: Prototype winners announced
  • May 24: Launch begins
  • July 19: Launch ends
  • July 19-August 2: Launch evaluation
  • August 2: Announce Challenge Winners!

** Challenge dates are subject to change without advance notice.

Eligibility Requirements

Innovators must comply with the following requirements to be eligible to compete in the Hyperledger Challenge.

Ideate Challenge Eligibility

  • Individuals, teams of individuals, private entities (for-profits and nonprofits), and academic institutions are eligible to compete in the Ideate Challenge.
  • Submission package will be evaluated for completion. Incomplete submissions will not be considered for the Ideate Challenge.

Prototype Challenge Eligibility

  • Only winners of the Ideate Challenge may be eligible to compete in the Prototype Challenge.
  • At least one representative for each team must participate in the Prototype Challenge Showcase Event. The PrototypeChallenge Showcase Event will be held virtually.

Launch Challenge Eligibility

  • Only winners of the Prototype Challenge may be eligible to compete in the Launch Challenge.
  • At least one representative for each team must participate in the Launch Challenge Showcase Event. The Launch Challenge Showcase Event will be held virtually.

Overall Challenge Eligibility

  • Teams who have any affiliation with a member of the evaluation committee will not be allowed to participate in the Challenge.
  • Employees of an organization that co-sponsors the Hyperledger Challenge are not eligible to participate.
  • All participating teams will be required to follow the open-source license requirement for projects and associated code developed during the challenges as detailed here:
    • License Requirement: “All Hyperledger software must be made available under an Apache 2.0 license. This applies to lab projects in which Hyperledger Challenge projects will be hosted under. Please, make sure to license all incoming code and new code accordingly, and ensure that all commits are made with proper sign-off so that no DCO related issue is introduced.”
    • Creative Commons License: All submissions should be made available under a Creative Commons License. Participants are free to select the type they prefer: CC-BYCC-BY-SACC-BY-NCCC-BY-NC-SACC-BY-NDCC-BY-NC-ND
    • Code of Conduct: “All Hyperledger community members must adhere to the Code of Conduct
    • All Hyperledger community members are expected to read and understand Anti-Trust Policy.

Disclaimer: Hyperledger Challenge 2022 is run by the community volunteers from across the globe. Reach out to Challenge organizers in case of questions.

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