Prototype Challenge Timeline:

  • March 15: Prototype begins
  • May 20: Prototype ends
  • May 20-June 2: Prototype evaluation
  • June 2: Prototype winners announced

Prototype Challenge Overview:

Innovators DEVELOP a prototype their proposed solution that sufficiently proves the critical functionality. The prototype must sufficiently demonstrate that the solution will fulfill a market need that sustains its follow-on development. 

Prototype Challenge Submission Requirements:

  1. Project Name
  2. Innovation Tagline (e.g., mission statement for your project - be creative!)
  3. Project Members
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Social Media Links (linkedin, github, twitter, etc.)
  4. Project Keywords (#hashtags)
  5. Prototype Demo: Prepare a 5 minute demonstration of your project (either video or presentation)
  6. Identify Your Community: cultivate a network of mentors and community members to help advance the proposed solution
  7. 5 minute project pitch: The presentation slides should cover the following topics:
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  1. We are very very happy that the idea proposed by us has passed to the PROTOTYPE phase.
    For this reason, we want to continue counting on your great help and that you continue to collaborate with a MENTOR since, as the idea is in an early stage, so that in the prototype phase we can continue advancing in its implementation AND THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE THE PROJECT AHEAD .
    The idea of ​​our part is that by having several milestones within the prototype phase, such as:

    • Define the architecture that we will use for the hardware in the embedded system.
    • define how the quantum neural network is integrated with artificial intelligence for the automation not only of data but of the system as a whole, with the industrial IoT.
    • integrate the blockchain with smart contracts, generation of tokens and certification of the processes of administration, operation and preventive and corrective maintenance of the electricity generation system, taking the analytics of the data to generate tokens and with smart contracts for example for application in measurement intelligent DISTRIBUTED
  2. Hi every body 

    Please tell me where to submit the prototype details.


      1. Hi Rai Jones

         I saw this information at the top of this page, but I want to submit this information for my project in this challenge, I can not see the link or click the submit button.


        best regards

  3. Hi Nancy Min Arun S M

    How are you?

    We and  our mentor "David  Faulstich Reis" don't know where must submit Prototype Presentation file for Prototype challenge. There isn't any times to submit it. Please tell us its link .

    Thanks Arun S M Nancy Min

    best regards

  4. the submissions page is in mode "private" I think, I don't see it, but can't create, because it already exists

    1. Hi
      Yes,Submission page for idea challenge, exists but I trid to create a page the same as idea template but I think it is wrong, because all must be the same as. Please Arun S M and Nancy Min help us.

  5. thanks, for this email or for the wiki leads linkedin, they will apologize for not having responded before, you can send the information, we are working on the hardware part, this has delayed us since the elements for the evaluation of the hardware including tests have been hindered by lack of financial resources, we are seeking resources with other partners, if we are working hard on the conceptual and architectural part of both hardware and software, but your great help would be very useful.

  6. I cannot find a link to create a Prototype Challenge Submission.  Where do we upload our recorded presentations or how would we book time to give a live presentation?

  7. I don't understand why when I enter LINUX FOUNDATION, it takes me to the page where I load the presentation and the other data, to do this I have to reload all the data or what do I have to do?

  8. There have been some problems in the achievement of the prototype, since due to the lack of economic resources it has not been possible to finish the evaluation of R7FA2L and therefore of all the management of the system, for this reason I send an incomplete presentation, I would appreciate it if you would inform me if there is any way to continue working on the project, why it is necessary to finish it and make it scalable and flexible for the reasons stated in the presentation, thanking them for the attention given

    1. Rigoberto Gomez Jaimesyes, please continue working on your solution. Meanwhile you can showcase what is done so far to the jury panel when called for the presentation.

  9. Hi Arun S M Deepika P Karanji

    How are you? I hope you are well.

    When do you announce result of prototype challenge? because 24th may was deadline.


    1. sanaz vahidiYes, 14 days for the jury to evaluate. We extended the prototype challenge by 10 days and thus the results will be available by June 2nd end of the day.

  10. I think 14 days for evaluation from 20th may. Is it correct?

  11. All: Do look out for emails, to see if the jury wants you to present live to them.

  12. Hi Arun S M Nancy Min

    When will the results of the judges' evaluation be determined?

    Will the launch phase time increase for successful teams in the prototype stage?

    1. We finally received evaluation results from all the jury members. Please find the results at Evaluation Results