The Hyperledger Challenge Ambassadors listed on this page are community leaders that spread the knowledge, reach new people and new markets on the Hyperledger Challenge and Hyperledger community resources. Innovators are encouraged to reach out to the Hyperledger Challenge Ambassadors that relate to your interest to learn more about the Hyperledger Challenge and Hyperledger community resources that are available to you.

Hyperledger Challenge Ambassador

Ambassador BiographyHyperledger Community Represented

Sownak Roy, Technical Architect & Product Owner, Hyperledger Bevel

Sownak is a Distributed Systems Architect and an open-source contributor. Sownak is the product owner of Hyperledger Bevel and has been leading various client projects with support distributed architecture and DevOps.

United Kingdom

Sristhi Assudani , Solution Architect & Product Owner

Sristhi is Director for #SettleMint, A Belgian based Blockchain company.She not only evangelises but also endorses blockchain as a philosophy of life, apart from technology.She is leading various client projects across industry with Multi chain protocols. She is working on various projects on Besu and Fabric. 


Sherwood Moore, Co-chair, Climate Action and Accounting SIG

Sherwood Moore is the co-chair of the Climate Action and Accounting special Interest Group. After earning an MBA at the University of Washington, Sherwood spent over a decade helping to launch several early stage tech start-ups where he was responsible for go-to-market strategy, marketing, sales, and business development. More recently, he has turned his focus to Internet Governance through his work at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Sherwood is passionate about using technology, and specifically blockchain technology, to enable humanity to work from the same source of information and collaborate together in new ways to tackle the existential threat of climate change. 

Contact email:

United States

Vikram Sharma, Solutions Architect + Hyperledger India Chapter & Hyperledger Noida Meetup Event Organizer

Vikram Sharma is Solutions Architect with HCL Technologies Ltd. He leads the HCL's Blockchain Practice for providing Solutions Architecture, design & delivering value to customers using Blockchain technologies. He has Blockchain certifications from Linux Foundation and R3 Corda. His previous experiences include Content Analytics, Computer Vision, Chatbot, Virtual Assistants and ECM/BPM Solution design. He is quite passionate about Technology and Open Source Community. He is very active in the community and has volunteered for successfully organizing many community events over the past few years. You can reach out to him for your queries on Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Aries, Hyperledger Indy, Consensys Quorum and R3 Corda.


Oscar Carlos Medina, Hyperledger Latinoamerica Regional Chapter Member

Oscar is Director of CIDS Blokchain Lab at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional Córdoba, Argentina and CTO of OpenBlock (, a spin-off of Blockchain solutions for GovTech.


Peter Somogyvari, Hyperledger Cactus Maintainer, Technology Architect

Peter is a software engineer/architect with a BS. in computer science and a longtime, deep interest in artificial intelligence research and fin-tech.

Thought leader in the open source software community and the author of a successful project related to the Internet of Things and more specifically Bluetooth Low Energy.

Early adopter of technologies/methodologies/design patterns that promise to boost productivity and inspire creative thinking.

My preferred communication method is via email:

United States

John Carpenter is currently the Chief Operating Officer of PinnacleCart, a leading ecommerce company, and co-founder of the Global Blockchain Summit.  As the Co-Founder of the Global Blockchain Summit, John has been actively involved in providing a strong forum for Hyperledger and other enterprise blockchain projects since 2017.

John is an active contributor to and current Co-Chair of the Hyperledger Learning Materials Development Working Group and runs the Denver Hyperledger Meetup Group.

Recently, John collaborated with Hyperledger and other Meetup organizers around launching a Hyperledger Career Fair, which brought together Hyperledger member companies with qualified job candidates via a four part employment series.

John serves on the Accord Project technical working group as a contributor.  The Accord Project is a Linux Foundation open source project that is focused on the development of natural language legal smart contracts that can primarily be deployed to Hyperledger Fabric.

John leads the Hyperledger community of interest for the Government Blockchain Association, co-authored a paper for the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) entitled “Blockchain And The Digital Transformation Of Property Insurance”, peer reviewed the IEEE enterprise blockchain training materials for content and accuracy, and is finalizing a paper for the Cloud Security Alliance.

Contact email:

United States

David  Faulstich Reis has worked at companies such as (Biggest media company in Brazil), RedHat (External Consultant) and Tata Consultancy Services on projects inside and outside Brazil. Now CTO and Founder of his own information technology consulting firm, CCONSENSUS LTDA and working as a private consultant in Financial Asset Registration and Logistics companies.

Software developer and engineer since 2000, he is also a Java Certified Programmer, Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer and Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator.

Individual supporter of the Linux Foundation since 2021.
David Reis is a husband, father and addicted to 4x4 off road expeditions, overlanding and camping.

Contact email:


Magno Alves Cavalcante

Computer and Systems Engineer, MBA, Software Engineer at Petrobras oil company, Oracle Java Champion, PMP, TOGAF Certified, member of the Hyperledger Brazil Chapter.

Has wide experience in information technology, especially in software engineering, enterprise architecture, software processes, project management, IT governance, blockchain, information security, cryptography and distributed systems. Founder of RioJUG (Rio Java Users Group). Holds several professional certifications internationally recognized. Has been involved in scientific research on blockchain technology and in the implementation of blockchain-enabled enterprise software solutions.




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  1. Hi every body

    I have a subject about Idea challenge. We submitted our Idea on time but  we don't understand a difference between March 15: Ideate submission ends (Global) and March 31: Ideate submission ends (China). Can you tell me about these please.

    Thanks a lot

    best regards

    1. Hi Sanaz,

      Organizers from China region joined us late, there were Chinese new year holidays. The community from the China region were informed about the event on March 1. This is the reason for China to have extended timeline till March 31. But there will not be any extension in other phases.

  2. Hi Mentors: I would like to connect with you for my project. My solution is here: Wize (*)

    Please let me know if this project / idea could be of interest to you. We can connect on this and I will be happy to share more details, vision and expected outcomes on what I am trying to achieve with the project. 

    Kind regards, Saurav Raaj

  3. Hello Team

    When the results of Ideate phase will announce and where it will be reflected on the dashboard?

    1. Please find the results at Ideate Phase Selects. Officially the Prototype phase has begun for all.

  4. Hello every body

    According to the previously announced schedule, it takes about 4 weeks to evaluate the ideas.

    Now that the deadline for submitting ideas is March 15, we have to wait for the evaluation team to announce the evaluation time.

    Challenge Timeline**

    • January 18: Ideate submission opens
    • March 15: Ideate submission ends (Global)
    • March 31: Ideate submission ends (China)
    • March 15: Prototype begins
    • March 1-15: Ideate submission evaluation and mentor assignment (Global)
    • March 15-31: Ideate submission evaluation and mentor assignment (China)
    • May 10: Prototype ends
    • May 10-24: Prototype evaluation
    • May 24: Prototype winners announced
    • May 24: Launch begins
    • July 19: Launch ends
    • July 19-August 2: Launch evaluation
    • August 2: Announce Challenge Winners!

    1. Please find the results at Ideate Phase Selects. Officially the Prototype phase has begun for all.

    1. There may have been a cache issue. Please retry using this link → Selects

      Hope this helps, else please feel free to reach out and we will be glad to support.

  5. Hi 

    Please help me, Where must we submit our project information and a presentation file? I couldn't find a link in Prototype challenge page. Can you help me, thanks

  6. Hi Nancy Min Arun S M

    How are you?

    We and  our mentor "David  Faulstich Reis" don't know where must submit Prototype Presentation file for Prototype challenge. There isn't any times to submit it. Please tell us its link .

    Thanks Arun S M Nancy Min

    best regards