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  • Review:  Working Group status updates
  • Presentation: Generative AI + SSI: Threats and Opportunities - Dmitri Zagidulin (MIT)

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  • Upcoming speakers on the Identity SIG:
    • August 10: Nick Steele on Credential migration for wallets and credential providers
  • Hyperledger in-depth webinar with Infosys on August 24th at 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT | 7:00pm CET.
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    • Join Infosys, a Hyperledger member, for an insightful webinar on the future role of governments as blockchains go mainstream. Learn how government agencies worldwide are adopting emerging technologies and shifting to digital-native citizen services. We are honored to have Liz Tanner, Honorable Secretary of Commerce for Rhode Island, share her vision and experiences in driving transformation. Explore opportunities for governments to achieve digital, decentralized, and secure citizen experiences.

  • Q3 Editorial Campaign is #HyperledgerIdentity. We will be doing an extra communications push around all things related to Hyperledger identity tech, SSI, VCs etc. What can you do? Send us content to promote! The content you submit will be queued throughout the quarter for us to push on our social channels with the hashtag #HyperledgerIdentity. We would also appreciate any engagement with our promotion once it is live. You can submit content by emailing
  • Animo recently announce, Making Aries Framework Javascript a Global Framework. It is a call for sponsors and partners to make it easy to build  EU suitable applications with Aries Framework JavaScript. Find out more here
  • Lissi recently announced the new messaging feature for the Lissi Agent and Wallet. Find out more here

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  • Generative AI + SSI: Threats and Opportunities - Dmitri Zagidulin (MIT)