Planned Topics:

  • Bifold Update;
  • Planned Work;
  • Discussion of Issues or PRs

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Welcome and Introductions

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself or organization. Let the community know what interest you have in the Bifold effort.


Record your attendance for posterity, and allow others may contact you if needed.


  • TBD


  • Bifold update
    • Looking to get React Native 0.72.x and we will explore expo modules;
    • iOS Simulator Demo
    • Working on demo for tsyringe to show what it might look like as a override pattern. 
    • BC working on some designs for what tablet will look like.
  • OCA
    • We need to deprecate and remove OCA 0.1 (legacy) and start using (aries/branding/1.0) the RFC spec
    • Some light refactoring going to to switch from camel case to snake case as per OCA spec.
    • Jason to enable automatic publishing base on changes to `packages/oca`
  • iOS Simulator
    • Now live and working in Bifold; 
    • We will add a feature (developer gated for now) to allow pasting in the URL from a QR code for working;
    • Will consider adding it as a prod feature but we may favour using deep linking for this.

Next Meeting

  • TBD

Future Topics

  • Machine Readable Governance Presentation (a.k.a Credential Trust Establishment)- Sam
    • How should we implement Machine Readable Governance?
  • Application Attestation (Binding to a Application vs Binding to hardware)

New Action Items

  • Alberto will take a look at the RN update in the future (waiting for AFJ 0.4.0) - hold
  • Update OCA package documentation to discuss usage, card layout (1.0, 1.1), etc.
  • Sam C. to add Hyperledger accounts (hyperledger-ci and hyperledger-lf as owners) to NPM packages (@aries-bifold and @aries-oca)
  • Makrand will take a look at improving the typing (eliminate the use of any)

Recording / Slides

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