A user group to promote the Aries Bifold Mobile App community, centered around continuous growth and improvement of code.

This page will add new information as it becomes available.


The Bi-weekly Aries Bifold User Group meetings are held every second Wednesday at 11AM Pacific (right before the Aries Working Group B call).

The meetings are held opposite weeks of the ACA-Pug meeting and at the same time.

See Meeting Details.


Engaging with the Bifold community is easy via Hyperledger's Discord. Here's how:

1. Visit https://discord.com/invite/hyperledger
2. Accept the invite!
3. Start exploring channels!

Our main conversation hub is `#bifold`, dedicated to Bifold Wallet discussions. Since Bifold relies heavily on Aries Framework Javascript (AFJ), you may also find `#aries-javascript` useful for in-depth technical discussions. Come join us!

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