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Anti-Trust Policy:

Linux Foundation meetings involve participation by industry competitors, and it is the intention of the Linux Foundation to conduct all of its activities in accordance with applicable antitrust and competition laws. It is therefore extremely important that attendees adhere to meeting agendas, and be aware of, and not participate in any activities that are prohibited under applicable US state, federal or foreign antitrust and competition laws.

Examples of types of actions that are prohibited at Linux Foundation meetings and in connection with Linux Foundation activities are described in the Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy available at . If you have questions about these matters, please contact your company counsel, or if you are a member of the Linux Foundation, feel free to contact Andrew Updegrove of the firm of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the Linux Foundation.



Status updates

  • Aries Bifold (Aries Bifold User Group Meetings)
    • Making changes to scanning logic and adding goal codes
    • Adding concept of ephemeral connection, make QR code smaller when using connectionless proof request
  • Aries Call 2023-07-19 Aries Working Group Call
    • Discussion on peer did migration
    • Work being done on marketing, with survey
      • Survey results:
    • Presentation from Aries VCX
      • Working on making available to other languages using uniffi-rs


Meeting Notes

Recording / Slides



Future topics

Future Topics:

  • It would be good to discuss OCA implementation in AFJ and in Aries Bifold and where should be a boundary between the two in this feature.
  • Extracting parts of AFJ into generic libraries
  • Cheqd integration (Daev Mithran )
  • AFJ Interop tests not running


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