This HOWTO explains how you would create a new Discord Category and Channels on the Hyperledger Discord Instance instance. This HOWTO is necessary for setting up new projects and new working groups.

Requesting a New Category

If you are not a Discord administrator, start by asking in the "Community Architects" Discord channel that the Project or Working Group "Discord Category" be created and the appropriate individuals that are Maintainers/Leads of the Project/Working Group be made administrators of the Category. The "Community Architects" will verify that you are the appropriate person to make such a request and if all is well, the Category will be created and you will be notified.

If you are a Discord administrator, create the Category, and within the Category, create an "xxx-administrators" channel (replacing "xxx" with the Category) within the Category, assign the Category administrators and post a message in the channel referencing the administrators.  They can take if from there, using the guidance below about creating channels within a Category.

Creating New Channels with a Category

If you are a Category Administrator, create the channel by clicking on the "+" beside the Category. If you don't have a "+" beside the category, you aren't a Category Administrator. Name the channel and set its type, and the announce the channel in the various places that interested parties might be able to find it. If specific people requested the channel, send a message 

If you are not a Category Administrator, go to the "xxx-maintainers" channel within the category, request a new channel be created, along with any details that are important – such as the type of channel if other than a default "text" type of channel.

Once the channel is created, it is recommended that the Category Administrators find or create an overview post and pin it to the channel to provide information for those new to the channel. As well, if there is FAQ type information, create and pin posts with that comment. It makes it easy to then point new users to the pinned information.