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Who we are:

Dave Huseby - Security Maven

Ry Jones - Community Architect

We have specialties but we overlap and we all work together on the basics.

Who we aren't:

We are not subject matter experts on all the projects.  it is best to engage the Project's maintainers or the WG or SIG's chairs if you have a specific question.   The best places to do this are or .  The projects, SIGs and WGs have wiki pages that you can comment on also.

We are also not tech support on the projects themselves.  Again you need to engage with the projects on chat or email or Github issues.  You can also check their wiki pages for the best ways to engage with them some are more chat in focus while others prefer email or bug reports.

What we do:

We exist in the Meta level of the community and work to facilitate Projects, Working Group and Labs being able to get work done.

How to contact us:

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