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  • DIDComm v2 Credential protocol updates
  • Basis for common identifiers




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Welcome / Introductions


  • IIW - April 16-18
  • There had been a number of BCovrin (dev, test, greenlight, etc.) Indy ledgers, all now point to BCovrin Test (e.g. genesis files all point to the same ledger).
    • BCovrin Test is the one that many Mobile Wallets use for testing. It will remain available indefinitely.

Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Aries RFC MkDocs Demo and Feedback - Stephen
  • VCX Update - Patrik Stas
    • Rust implementation of Aries/DIDComm
    • Absa leaving the SSI space - will impact VCX development.
    • contact on Hyperledger discord: patrikstas
    • More discussion next week on the agenda (5+ min)
  • DIDComm v2 conversion
    • (Notes from previous weeks)
      • Smaller changes may mean faster adoption
      • negotiation pulled out into a sibling protocol - (nobody using negotation? Subhasis referenced use.)
        • propose message moves to different family.
      • Document the short-circuted use of the protocol that starts at issuance directly, depending on needs of credential type.
      • we need to be careful not to match protocol to UX human steps on a 1 to 1 basis
      • abandoned state - if a user declines to present, what should happen between the holder and verifier?
        • problem report sent (or no message, see below) on decline - should be documented
      • explicit 'no' messages instead of a problem report when it's an explicit no, instead of an error.
      • document use of timeout for offers (didcomm v2 friendly, perhaps a field within the protocol.Credential Protocols for DIDComm v2
    • Any Volunteers?
  • Basis for common identifiers

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Niels Klomp offered a deeper dive into the openid4vc related flows
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?
  • in the Aug 9 call there was talk about EUDI compatibility. Maybe tracking the progress every now and then in these calls? Has there been any discussion about adding SD-JWT and OID4VC stuff to Aries Interop test suite?

Action items

Call Recording: 

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