• eIDAS2.0, ARF compatibility
  • did:peer:3
  • Unqualified DIDs Coordinated Update
  • Aries Marketing Update
  • Open Discussion


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Welcome / Introductions


Bifold paused for August

AFJ is bi-weekly with meetings (during summer, read: august)

DIF DIDComm Users Group Meets 2,3, and 4th Mondays:

Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Aries marketing update - Helen Garneau Alex Metcalf  
  • did:peer:3 - Sam
  • Aries RFCs – PR reviews:
    • Unqualified to Qualified DID Community Coordinated Update
      • Issues for transforming unqualified DIDs to DIDDoc 3:
        • What should the DIDComm Messaging "type" be?  "IndyAgent", "did-communications", "DIDCommMessaging"?
          • Differentiate with Type between v1 and v2
          • needs research to do the right thing.
    • Goal Codes for simulated Connection-less Presentations
    • AIP 2.0 Clarifications
  • eIDAS 2.0 / EUDI / ARF Common goals?
    • Work already underway
      • Animo / AFJ:
      • AF-GO: SD-JWTs under way (PRs)
      • ACA-Py
        • OpenID4VCI/VP support being explored. Adding a companion service may be best option. Plugin option is like a companion service but more tightly integrated.
        • SD-JWT crypto not too bad, good libraries exist (lighter lift than OpenID4VP protocols)
        • Adding format definitions for these credentials over the existing DIDComm protocols is separate work.
    • Work that needs doing:
      • Askar: support for HSM based keys
        • Theorized as Possible
        • Needs investigation
        • RUST based
    • Notes:
      • SD-JWTs and mDOCs may use the same underlying technique for selective disclosure
      • Anoncreds has an in with W3C format alongside LD creds (Type 2) with the translation that has been defined, but not built.
      • DIDComm has a similar onramp by demonstrating compatibility with the listed credential formats.
      • AnonCredsRS to absorb the W3C data model translation? - Yes. Existing python isn't too complicated - would need to be adapted into the AnonCredsRS Library.
  • Open Discussion
    • RFCs to DIF?
      • Confusion on source of truth?
      • If left in place, linking to the right source of truth is important to avoid confusion.

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Niels Klomp offered a deeper dive into the openid4vc related flows
  • |State-of-union of Aries projects
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

Call Recording:

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