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Welcome / Introductions


  • IIW
  • IIW DIDComm v2 Connectathon

Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Peer DID Continued Discussion
  • Issue Credential Protocol Short Circuit
  • PR 775 - OCA
    • Three things without consensus
      • 1 - pushback on the image slice
        • unhappy with ux compared to first option
      • 2 - need command line interface that converts source oca to an oca bundle
        • have a utility that converts the xls file
        • json file merged in for the arise specific stuff
        • SAID (from keri) that are embedded in the resulting file that do not meet spec.
        • May be able to ignore the SAID problem.
        • to fully follow OCA spec we need to fill that gap.
        • that's the goal of the command line utility
      • 3 - how does the issuer/schema publisher publish the bundle? (Discovery)
        • Tails file like server?
          • Cred Def points to tails file
          • OCA bundle doesn't have that.
        • Schema / Cred Def can't point to it directly.
        • Supplement
          • As link
          • As inline attachment
          • Works like a one-shot link
          • Malicious issuer could make link unique per issuer to monitor access
          • requires presentation supplement to make it available to verifier
          • possibly workable but not ideal
        • OCA bundle (similar to cred def) that could be used
          • network (indy/chekd/etc) publish oca bundle alongside cred def
          • automation to include when cred def / schema retrieved
        • Use the repository (could be Github) strategy that can be accessed by convention 
          • locate in repo by issuerid and schemaid
          • Could have a common OCA repository used for lookup
          • could tolerate multiple repositories
          • governance rules matter for each repository
            • acceptance / rejection policy
            • github allows process
            • github privately owned
          • stopgap solution, easy to create but not awesome in the long term
        • links from governance files
          • needs some sharing from Indicio to aid understanding
    • Next Steps:
      • Merge? Update?
  • Issue Credential v2.1 Learning
    • Why is this hard?
    • no post-mortem yet
    • fixes could be had in the proposed 4.0
    • parallel message delivery in a protocol is hard?
    • Will revisit after BCGov postmortem
  • Issue 773 - Mime type inconsistency

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Thomas - Nessus DIDComm 0.23.2 First Release
    • Wallet abstraction for AcaPy + Nessus native
    • Camel Http Endpoint for Nessus agent
    • Support for RFC0434 Out-of-Band Invitation V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0023 Did Exchange V1
    • Support for RFC0048 Trust Ping V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0095 Basic Message V1 & V2
    • CLI to work with supported protocols and model
  • Issue Credential v2.1 learning
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

Call Recording

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