• did:keri lite
  • LegacyPeer vs Transition to did:peer:1 or did:peer:2?


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Welcome / Introductions


Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • OWF Presentation
  • did:keri lite - Rodolfo
    • Has support for 'short-version' and 'long-version'
    • Currently has a dependence on larger keri libraries
    • Currently has a dependency on the larger did:keri method spec
  • LegacyPeer DID Method vs did:peer:1 or did:peer"2
    • LegacyPeer DID Method
      • Community Coordinated Update?
      • Phase 1 - Everybody can read, defaults remain using old - April?
      • Phase 2 - Everybody switches default to fully qualified DIDs - June?
      • Phase 3 - Support for Old may be removed. - Sept?
    • did:peer:1
      • Supported in AFJ
      • lacks test vectors to verify serialization/normalization
    • did:peer:2
      • Contains endpoint info (large)
      • will exist in DIDComm v2
      • will require deterministic construction on both sides
  • Timo: translating to existing DID makes the most sense.
    • requirements: translate by both sides of connection
    • recommends did:peer:2
    • skip legacy peer (also stephen, james agrees)

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Thomas - Nessus DIDComm 0.23.2 First Release
    • Wallet abstraction for AcaPy + Nessus native
    • Camel Http Endpoint for Nessus agent
    • Support for RFC0434 Out-of-Band Invitation V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0023 Did Exchange V1
    • Support for RFC0048 Trust Ping V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0095 Basic Message V1 & V2
    • CLI to work with supported protocols and model
  • Issue Credential v2.1 learning
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

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