• Planning for OWF Aries Components Presentation
  • LegacyPeer
  • AIP 3 tasks


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Welcome / Introductions


Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Open Wallet Foundation Component Presentation
    • Feb 20, noon US/Mountain
    • 60 min meeting, likely 45 for our presentation.
    • Scope will be Hyperledger Aries
    • We can present whatever we want.
    • Any UX has been mostly declared out of scope - just interested in 'wallet components'
    • I was not going to offer any of these things as direct code contributions (which has been common during other presentations)
    • I wanted to present to raise awareness
    • Proposal:
      • Introduce the Hyperledger Aries projects, with goals and history
      • Aries Askar / shared components
      • Aries Cloudagent Python
      • AFJ
        • Mention as underlying foundation for Aries Bifold
    • Ideally, we have a rep of each project share their project for a few minutes
    • This shows them the size and activity of the community
    • Open Issue: What is the future relationship of Aries and the Open Wallet Foundation?
    • Deck is in progress
  • LegacyPeer DID Method
    • Community Coordinated Update?
    • Phase 1 - Everybody can read, defaults remain using old - April?
    • Phase 2 - Everybody switches default to fully qualified DIDs - June?
    • Phase 3 - Support for Old may be removed. - Sept?
  • AIP 3.0 Tasks
    • Update Issue Credential and Present Proof to include .1 and .2 improvements
      • addition of explicit roles to indicate support for portions of the protocol flow
    • note to list which RFCs are included in the v2 spec
    • Indy creds → Anoncreds
    • W3C format
    • BBS+ evolution
    • did:web RFC
    • did:peer method 2 RFC ?
    • did:legacypeer Sam Curren 
    • UX / OCA / Supplements
    • actionmenu
    • push notifications
    • BLE / NFC for OOB (as QR alternative)
  • OCA for Aries RFC update -- a summary of the recent changes

Other Business

Future Topics

  • NEXT WEEK: did:kerilite - Rodolfo Miranda
  • Thomas - Nessus DIDComm 0.23.2 First Release
    • Wallet abstraction for AcaPy + Nessus native
    • Camel Http Endpoint for Nessus agent
    • Support for RFC0434 Out-of-Band Invitation V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0023 Did Exchange V1
    • Support for RFC0048 Trust Ping V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0095 Basic Message V1 & V2
    • CLI to work with supported protocols and model
  • Issue Credential v2.1 learning
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • OIDC Credential Exchange in Aries - Mike Richardson
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

Call Recording

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