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Welcome / Introductions


  • Proposed Holiday Meeting Cancellations: Dec 28, Jan 4
  • BC Gov Code With Us opportunities – Transitioning to the Indy/Aries Shared Components
    • Add Hyperledger Indy/Aries Shared Components to Aries Framework JavaScript and Aries Bifold
    • Implement a version of the Indy CLI based on the Hyperledger Indy / Aries Shared Components
    • Provide a script to upgrade an Aries Cloud Agent Python data store in Indy SDK format to Aries Askar format
    • Upgrade the Indy Test Automation repository to use Indy VDR for testing Indy Plenum and Indy Node
    • Upgrade the VON Network repository to use Indy VDR
    • 19 of December deadline!

Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

Other Business

Future Topics'

  • Issue Credential v2.1 learning
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • OIDC Credential Exchange in Aries - Mike Richardson
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

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