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  • Issue Credential v2.1 learning
  • Replacing Indy SDK
  • IIW Topics


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Welcome / Introductions


  • IIW (November 15-17)
    • No meeting next week!

Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Can We Close This? 
    • #745, #737, #736 Push Notification PRs (need the right people)
    • #757 Push Notification Concept RFC
  • Minor Versions / Error Reports
    • PR 752 - agreement to merge this - need approval and announcement on Discord to confirm.
    • PR 756 - unknown error handling
  • IIW Topics?
    • Governance Demo - Mike / Simon / Sam
    • AnonCreds as a project
    • Open Wallet Foundation 
      • AnonCreds
      • as related to Aries Projects
    • OCA - Stephen
    • Bifold - shipping two apps from the same codebase.  
  • Replacing Indy SDK
    • Enable shared components in all Aries Framework – notable AFJ and Aries VCX
      • React Native wrappers for React Native (needed for Bifold)
    • indy-vdr with did:indy support – how do we get that released?
    • indy-vdr is using Ursa, which is using a deprecated Rust module "failure" –; CVE - very high score! Possibly not critical for us, but looks bad.
    • Create a migration tool to export indy-wallet contents and load into aries-askar
    • Create a "shared components" version of the Indy CLI
    • Indy Node internals:
      • New transaction types in indy-vdr – draft PR, but needs work and testing
      • Indy Test Automation relies on the indy-sdk, needs to be moved to indy-sdk
      • Tools on the indy-node nodes – do they use libindy?  Investigation needed – Lynn Bendixsen Wade Barnes to look at/create issue.
    • Community impact on the use of the indy-sdk – a need to migrate

Other Business

Future Topics'

  • Issue Credential v2.1 learning
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • OIDC Credential Exchange in Aries - Mike Richardson
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?
  • Standardized attribute names for AnonCreds - alignment with VC data model. (Paul Bastian)
    • terms and conditions (as link)
    • machine-readable governance?
  • Multiple sigs on a credential - Shivam Sethi

Action items

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