• RFC PRs: AIP2 Update and Device Binding


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Welcome / Introductions


  • Cardea Interopathon June 16 (includes basic protocol testing–connection using connections v.1 and OOB invitations, issuance, presentations, basic message, question and answer). Registration link.
  • Components looking for maintainership (as a result of Kiva sunsetting Kiva Protocol, see blog here)
    • Mobile Agent Xamerin (MAX - Legacy?)
    • Aries Framework .Net
    • Fingerprint Component
    • ACA-Py Components for onboarding
    • Reach out to Nathan, Cam, or Horatio

Release Status and Work Updates


Discussion Topics

  • AIP 2.0 Update (
  • Device Binding Attachments (
  • Open Discussion
    • Indy Revocation Support
      • Registry got out of sync between ledger and wallet, updates no longer possible.
      • TAA Handing prevented writes
      • those writes were registry updates
      • the resulting out of sync state prevented the registry from being updated.
      • Ian added code in ACA-Py to allow 'fixing' a registry - pulling ledger state into ACA-Py, then re-applying the revocations and writing to the ledger.
    • New Revocation Scheme
      • Andrew's new mechanism avoids the same issue - whole registry written (efficiently) each time.
      • Needs:
        • Implementation,
        • review of used crypto to find weaknesses
        • ledger update for registry publishing
        • Binding between presentation and proof of non-revocation
        • Cam with Kiva can help within Ursa
      • Need a Champion to move this forward within Ursa
    • Paul Bastian - new method for binding
      • Certifying entity
      • Wallet authentication VC

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Apache Camel Demo - Thomas from Redhat
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?
  • Standardized attribute names for AnonCreds - alignment with VC data model. (Paul Bastian)
    • terms and conditions (as link)
    • machine-readable governance?

Action items

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