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  • UI Components Discussion
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Welcome and Introductions

Who you are, and what your interest is in the Bifold effort.


  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • James Ebert (Indicio) <>


Deployments and Work Updates

  • Aries Framework JavaScript
    • Released 0.1.0-alpha.253
    • Overview documentation added (by Mostafa)
    • Mediation complete (coordinate-mediation) - Indicio
    • Dependency Injection
    • do not connect to ledger on startup -- only when needed
    • genesis transactions instead of genesis path
    • file system implementation
    • internalized WS and HTTP outbound transporters
    • Doing some testing with Electron
    • Custom errors for framework (makes it a lot easier to use the framework)
    • Indy wallet overhaul:
      • Config is less indy specific
      • Lot of methods moved to IndyLedgerService and IndyStorageService in preparation for shared libraries and browser wallet
      • Update to new indy-sdk-react-native (Hyperleger owned version of rn-indy-sdk)
    • In Progress - Holder Revocation - Indicio
    • Mediation message notification work (Push notifications?) - Animo
  • Push Notifications
  • Aries Agent Test Harness (AATH) manual mobile backchannel
  • IDUnion - Have a working Bluetooth (BLE) transport (not released as of yet)


  • Maintainers added – Akiff, Jason, Neil
  • Open PRs
    • Incomplete Linting Step - Jason
      • Husky Pre-commit hook
  • UI Components Discussion
    • Ontario - Internationalization / Localization
    • Ontario - Biometrics
    • Extract Terms of Service into component
    • Theme Customization
      • Expose style settings through props
      • Children/named components
    • NPM Package? AFJ-Ext vs @aries-mobile-agent-react-native
      • Packages
        • A default boilerplate & app - not published necessarily?
        • UI Components
      • Leaning towards AFJ-Ext
  • Roadmap creation
  • UI Testing - Saucestack, detox, etc?
  • Questions for maintainers / other discussion?

Next Meeting

  • SVG Credential Package updates?

  • Requests?

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