Planned Topics:

  • Call recap
  • Code Review
  • Group Goals
    • Short Term
    • Medium Term
    • Long Term
  • Code Contributions

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Welcome and Introductions

Who you are, and what your interest is in the Bifold effort.



Rocket Chat Channel:

Deployments and Work Updates

  • Code State to be reviewed in agenda.
  • Aries Framework JavaScript
  • rn-indy-sdk
    • Added missing present proof related operations. Now works in Android, iOS following


  • Previous Call Recap
    • Naming
  • Code Review
  • Group Goals
    • Last time's list: 
    • Group Goals
      • Consolidate mobile app development effort among interested parties.
      • Codebase you can check out and run immediately in an emulator.
      • Active community
      • Production ready app.
      • Whitelabel or UI modules to be included in existing apps
      • Enable an app to collaborate via protocols with wallets
      • Interoperability
      • Ease of use
        • And Aries Protocols to support that ease of use, available to all Mobile implementations
    • Meta
      • Test against ourselves over versions
      • Mobile codebase whiteboard - test concepts/ideas
    • Short Term
      • Basic Functionality - Connection, Issuance, Present-Proof for Verification
      • Typescript config
      • Demo with two people to connect and send a basic message
      • Mediation - coordinate mediation protocol w/websockets
        • Runtime setup and configure
      • Agent Test Harness - AFJ for basic capabilities
      • Ability to clone and white-label the Aries Bifold app
    • Medium Term
      • Introduction protocol
      • Talk and demonstrate Export / Import
        • Backup / Restore
      • Agent Test Harness  - Manual Backchannel
      • Multi-ledger support
        • Similar to Lissi capabilities
      • UI/UX focus
        • Widget toolkit - building blocks – data exchange - data description language
      • UI components to be able to use in an existing RN app
      • Support for newer Aries protocols
      • Machine Readable Governance Frameworks
        • UI/UX
        • Ledger in governance framework
      • SVG credential rendering
    • Long Term
      • Log into a website, OICD?
      • Agent Test Harness - Automated Backchannel
      • Multiple apps on the same phone
        • Cross-app wallet - Aries WG Conversation
      • Mobile specific communication transports
        • NFC
        • Bluetooth - Animo & Indicio have current work
      • Cloud Agent Custodial control from mobile app
      • Synchronization between wallets - Aries WG Conversation
      • Not tied to Indy -other credential formats
      • Continual AIP implementation
      • Ledger services to decouple agents from ledgers - Architecture level
        • Runtime vs compile time
  • Code Contributions

Next Meeting

  • UI/UX Design
  • Requests?

Future Topics

Action items

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