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Welcome / Introductions


April 20-22 - IIW

June 8-10 Hyperledger Global Forum

Repo Maintenance needed: See and respond to repolinter results:

The Content theme for April is #HyperledgerIdentity

  • Please send a short summary of any identity related projects to to be included in a blog roundup, due out later this month
  • Also looking for help in writing blog to spotlight Aries/Indy communities/technologies and how they work together

Please attend DevRel Marketing call

Related Meetings Review

  • Ursa - 
  • SSI in IoT WG
  • Indy Contributors - Every 2nd Tuesday 8am US/Pacific (next week) - CI/CD of Indy Node and Plenum, Ubuntu 20.04 release. Soon?
  • Indy DID Method Tuesdays 7am Pacific - Namespacing in SCHEMA and CLAIM_DEF ledger objects, resolution - possible: did:indy:<namespace>:<seqNo> - what do people think? Next up: JSON vs. JSON-LD DIDDocs
  • 2021-04-8 : Identity Implementers WG Call (9am MT / 3pm UTC) – Daniel Bachenheimer (Principal Director at Accenture) will be presenting on the Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI; World Economic Forum initiative) and how it uses SSI / Hyperledger Indy stack.
  • DIF DIDComm WG - Monday's at Noon US/Pacific - Sam Curren (Mon) - 
  •  - early community discussions
  • TrustoverIP Saturn5 Interop Testing - Friday 9am EST (Keith Smith )  See "Saturn V - Vendor Scrum (TSWG)" at

Upcoming Releases and Work Updates


Next Week

  • Different topics - what should we be talking about? What should we be showing?
  • RFC Housekeeping - how should we be tracking impls
  • RFCs for Indy AnonCred attachments, JSON-LD attachments (at least) and perhaps BBS+ attachments.
  • JWE Envelope discussion.
  • Perhaps: What's Wrong with OOB and DID Exchange and what should we be doing? - George Aristy

Future Topics

  • Schema interop - how to reuse a schema across different networks Robert Mitwicki(RFC in progress)
  • Using WebSocket as a way to communicate back to the mobile/desktop wallet (Agent (services or user) as a proxy for communication between service and digital wallet) Robert Mitwicki 

Action items


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