• Credential Exchange Load Testing
  • RFC 348 Transition to https
  • Toolbox Mediator/Routing demo
  • Profile in Invitations

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(12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, Tuesday at 7AM Sydney)

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Welcome / Introductions


Happy Canada Day!

Related Meetings Review

  • Ursa - 
  • Semantics - Next meeting: Never - transitioning to be in the ToIP Foundation - see RocketChat channel for details and how to join the successor group
  • DID UX Call - Active?
  • SSI in IoT WG
  • Indy Contributors - Every 2nd Tuesday 8am US/Pacific - Monitoring Indy
  • Identity WG / Identity WG Implementer calls (Wed / Thurs) - Tomorrow, July 2, at 9 am US/Mountain - Oliver Terbu SIOP
  • DIF DIDComm WG - Monday's at Noon US/Pacific - Sam Curren (Mon) - DID Doc services, etc.

Upcoming Releases and Work Updates

  • Aries Protocol Test Suite
    • Instructions, docker added - Try It!
    • Issue, credential, and proof tests are merged.
  • Aries Agent Test Harness -
    • Test compatibility between any two agents
    • Work on Present Proof tests.  Adding 4th agent personna (Acme, Bob, Faber and Mallory)
  • Aries Shared:
  • Aries-CloudAgent-Python (
    • Release 0.5.2 is here!
      • Updates on revocation
      • Initial JSON-LD VC support added – signing, verifying only - done by Sam Curren supported by SICPA (Switzerland)
      • A lot of error handling cleanup
      • Provision of a local DID
  • Aries-Framework-Go (Troy) #aries-go
    • Investigating (and implementing) mobile builds and BBS+ JSON-LD signatures
    • Implementing ECDH-1PU
    • Attachment for present-proof protocol
  • Aries-SDK-Ruby (Jack)
  • Aries-Framework-DotNet (Tomislav)
  • Aries-StaticAgent-Python
  • Aries-Toolbox
  • Aries-SDK-Java
  • Aries-Framework-JavaScript - Framework JS Meetings
    • Current focus is on mediator use case (NodeJS)
    • Plan for 1.0 defined; refactoring to be done
  • Rich Schemas and W3C Verifiable Credentials (Brent & Ken)
    • Some work has been done to support the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model specification
  • Aries-MobileAgent-Xamarin (Aries MAX) -
    • Ideas:
      • Automatic offer acceptance/managing credentials
      • Machine readable governance
  • Ursa
    • To replace libsodium, need to have a replacement for the anoncrypt / authcrypt sealed box for pack / unpack.
      • Can be done in Ursa with two steps, but might add as a single function call.
    • Revocation 2.0 Support - new approach: Non-Revocation Range Merkle Tree - Ursa RFC here
      • Performance looks good at 1M creds/registry - 16M might be possible.


  • Credential Exchange Load testing - Thomas Shelton
  • RFC 348 - Transition message types to https.
  • Profile in Invitation - Sam
    • Improved UX
    • Overlap with Credentials
    • Correlation Risk (for not publicly known entities)
    • Phishing risk for connections
    • Force developers to understand tensions - name fields that make these issues clear 'unverified_name' for example.
    • Physics of the situation
    • Up front proving early in the relationship
  • Toolbox Mediator/Routing Demo - Sam

Next Week

  • Requests?
  • Tracing Discussion. Warp-age Prevention?

Future Topics

  • Migrating to new JWE envelope format:
  • DKMS status
  • Credential Fraud:  Example how in ACA-Py to verify same link secret across multiple credentials in presentation
  • Schema interop - how to reuse a schema across different networks Robert Mitwicki(RFC in progress)
  • Using WebSocket as a way to communicate back to the mobile/desktop wallet (Agent (services or user) as a proxy for communication between service and digital wallet) Robert Mitwicki 

Action items

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