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  • OutOfBand Rollout
  • Issue Credential v2.0

Note: This call is being recorded.


(12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, Tuesday at 7AM Sydney)

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  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • Sam Curren (Independent) <>
  • John Callahan (Veridium) <>
  • Stephen Curran  (Cloud Compass Computing Inc.) <>
  • Paul Knowles  (The Human Colossus Foundation) <>
  • Richard Esplin (Evernym) <>
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs) <>
  • George Aristy (SecureKey) <>

Welcome / Introductions


  • IIW April 28-30 Will happen, in digital form.

Related Meetings Review

  • Ursa - 
    • Hashed curve stuff
  • Semantics - yesterday's call (03/31) - Notes
    • Presentation: Entity and Object Identifiers: Elements, components and characteristics of a decentralised network  
    • Discussion: DIDs for non-governed objects. Can they have a home under the DID umbrella?
    • Presentation: Safe data sharing amidst a global pandemic
    • Next meeting: 04/14 (Tuesday)
  • DID UX Call - Slack/Mailing list - details in the shared document as well minutes and additional information, currently focus on Purpose Based Services
    • F2F Meeting meetup
  • SSI in IoT WG
  • Indy Contributors - Richard Esplin (Mon) - Notes (Focus on supporting Indy Networks, including troubleshooting a Sovrin issue)
  • Identity WG / Identity WG Implementer calls (Wed / Thurs) 
  • DIF DIDComm WG - Monday's at Noon US/Pacific 

Upcoming Releases and Work Updates

  • Aries Protocol Test Suite
    • No updates this week (contributions welcome)
  • Aries Shared:
  • Aries-CloudAgent-Python (BC Gov)
    • Revocation based on anoncreds 1.0 has been merged into master and will be in the next release.
      • Because it uses tails files, use case support will be limited - just where the tails file is very small (e.g. 25k credentials)
      • Currently testing with mobile agents to give feedback on revocation, tweaking the API to provide controller control over the process.
      • Last thing left to add - a tails server
    • Adding tracing to enable distribute application (e.g. multiagent agents) debugging
  • Aries-Framework-Go (Troy) #aries-go
    • Issue credential protocol with BDD tests.
    • Started work on out-of-band and present proof protocols.
  • Aries-SDK-Ruby (Jack)
    • Trying to resolve dependabot vulnerabilities in ruby gems used by the aries-sdk-ruby and example Rails projects
  • Aries-Framework-DotNet (Tomislav)
  • Aries-StaticAgent-Python
  • Aries-Toolbox
    • Payments admin protocols
      • Intended for use with various payment methods
      • Initial support for Sovrin test tokens in ACA-Py Plugin
    • Updates to Connection and Invitation admin protocols complete
  • Aries-SDK-Java
    • Initial PR
  • Aries-Framework-JavaScript / Aries-SDK-JavaScript
  • Rich Schemas and W3C Verifiable Credentials (Brent & Ken)
  • Ursa
    • 0.4.0 scheduled for late March
      • Hash to curve
      • Updates to AMCL wrapper


  • Out-of-Band Rollout (notes) (15 min - Sam)
  • Issue Credential Continued (30 min - Stephen)
  • DID Exchange Followup (10 min - Sam)
    • Signed Attachments
    • Complete/Reuse vs adopted ACKs?
  • Issue Game: Can we close this? (15 min)
  • Open Discussion / Next Week Topics

Next Week

  • Mediator Demo @gnarula  (10 min)

Future Topics

Action items

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