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(12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, Tuesday at 7AM Sydney)

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Welcome / Introductions


  • Aries Workshop/Connectathon December 3-5 in Provo, Utah - Dates Confirmed, Food Sponsors welcome!
  • Webinar on peer DIDs Nov 21 at 1 PM MST,
  • Proposal to renumber RFC 0289

Related Meetings Review

  • Ursa - Progress on packages and Plenum work.
  • Semantics - ODCA pilots underway - The agenda, video, notes, etc. from the HL Indy Semantics WG call: 
  • DID UX Call - Slack/Mailing list - details in the shared document as well minutes and additional information, currently bootstrapping discussion about UX for defined personas
  • Indy Contributors - Richard Esplin (Mon) - Discussed future of Indy Ledger (View Change, Aardvark BFT, bug fixes, future of Plenum)
  • Identity WG / Identity WG Implementer calls (Wed / Thurs)

Upcoming Releases and Work Updates

  • Aries Protocol Test Suite
    • Works, and ready for test contributions
  • Aries Core Libraries (agent storage, ledger interface, comms)
    • Planning a move for the Indy Wallet crate into hyperledger/aries-kms
      • SQLite as the default KMS plugin.
      • aries-kms-sqlite is archived
    • Need to migrate Postgres capability to aries-kms-postgres
    • Future:
      • Verifiable Data Registry Interface library
      • Static Peer DIDs in aries-vdri as the default implementation
      • aries-vdri-peer is archived
  • Aries-CloudAgent-Python ( - Release 0.3.5 Released - mainly cache handling updates. 0.4.0 in works - attachment/signature changes.
    • Continuing to learn about performance/storage impacts of using Aries protocols and non-secrets (metadata) interface.
    • Lessons learned:
      • Latest - adding instrumentation into the agent for metrics - where is time spent? Generating cool graphs
      • Found that latest bottleneck seems be processing/messaging, so focusing on that.
      • Discovered that the "tag-policy" is effectively useless - searching vs. accessing.  Removing, despite space savings, probably pulling from indy-sdk.
  • Aries-Framework-Go (Troy)
    • Weekly planning notes (2019-11-05)
    • Wrapping up 0.1.0 release and starting on 0.1.1.
    • is now used as the prefix for message types (replaces did:sov:....)
    • Successful experimentation on the possibility of exposing additional bindings (C, WASM).
      • (We currently have Go and REST.)
    • You can play with the framework by running BDD tests (make bdd-test) or with the OpenAPI (swagger) interface (See README).
  • Aries-SDK-Ruby (Jack)
  • Aries-Framework-DotNet (Tomislav) Transaction Authors/Endorser support for Indy.
  • Aries-SDK-Python - PR from JeromeK - weigh-in from those interested in Python wrapper would be appreciated.
  • Aries-SDK-Java - Usually Wed Evenings
    • Javier => asking help to move forward. Any agenda on what is being developed on other SDKs?
  • Aries-SDK-JavaScript - Contributors are now meeting on every Fridays - 
  • Indy
  • Ursa


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