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Job With Owners

Wiki Page



Use Case LibraryUSE CASES STANDARDSCreate a template that applies BEST PRACTICES for Hyperledger community to use as a guide when developing Use Cases Open
SurveysSurvey Collect date from WG, SIG's and projects as to Learning Materials Documentation Saptarshi
LMDWG Management Q3, Report Due 9/10Complete the Quarterly report and Submit to TSCBobbi

Vice chair position

Key Terminology

Key TermsCollect key terms from Hyperledger documentation and create a glossary that can be used by communityOpen
Github UpdatesGithubResearch the existing repository and report to the groupRavi


Reviewed Burrow GitHub and intent with Burrow team. Burrow is a several months project

Kelly Cooper

Documentation Standards

Best Practice Create outlines and templates for Hyperledger community to refer to when developing Documentation for projects Open
New Member Recruiting Manage New Member Wiki Page

Create "how to Join a Group" tutorial Create programs to increase membership

Meet-up ProjectMeet up Project Create a white label meetup project for Social ImpactBobbi
Completed Project
Name / Task
Latest Work Done - Date Done
Working On 
Iroha Template

 create a space page template in Confluence for Iroha based on this page:
It is needed for the discussions and work on features - it is similar to the general HL template for that but that one lacks some fields. 

Sara Garifullina,
Community manager at Soramitsu
Contact me:

Kelly Cooper - Complete

August 15, 2019Complete


Telecom WP

Telecom SIG has requested a proofread on the Whitepaper 


Hyperledger Inter-Carrier Settlement_v4 (1).pdf

Ed-X Updates

EdX Updates: Business Edition chapters 1 -5


Review completed course in edX. Complete 7/10/2019 

To keep projects consistent each framework and tool  should follow a resource packet Which consist of the following resources. Each Resources should follow the Best Practice Standards.:



  1. Bobbi

  2. Gordon Graham

Meetup Packet

Develop Standards

Working on SUMMER PROJECT guidelines / Checkpoints


Meetup Organizer's Guide

Meetup Announce Template




Bobbibobbi@ledgeracademy.comOrganizing Resource Page, Edit Overview Presentation
Sasa Hyperledger Fabric, especially nodeJS SDK and smart contracts
Deniantimetica@gmail.comedX Sawtooth updates.  My individual interest is in learning GitHub markdown
Deverickdeverick.crippen@perdue.comFabric and Composer
Richardr @ uar.bizcreate material for non-tech to help with difficult concepts
Gordongordon@thatwhitepaperguy.comEditing white papers and writing case studies for Hyperledger
Jamesjames.cambron@psu.eduGlad to take any task
Srinimail@srinivasank.netGlad to take review and proof reading to begin with.
Rashmi Kk.rashmij@gmail.comFabric/Composer
Andrew W.andrewfloydwright@gmail.comAnalyzing existing material to prepare for new material creation

Hailee Turpin
Mark R.
Jim Masonjmason900@yahoo.comWorking on Fabric documentation and related content
Sid Parksiddharth.parakh@gmail.comFabric,Hyperledger,Blockchain engagements
Sara Iroha contributor - help with documentation, keep in contact with the community, create and edit videos, can create diagrams etc.  
Colin Pintopintocolin@gmail.comGlad to take on any task - (Specs/design, some coding, testing...)
Suyog Navarkarnavarkarsuyog@gmail.comCan work on product design/documentation, testing, some coding.

can design , a little bit of programming , architect, 

Ravi Sarkarravi.sarkar1@gmail.comArchitecture, product design, whitepapers, case studies, coding

Can Project manage or do any additional tasks.

Kelly Cooper

Identity, Indy, Smart Contracts, Burrow, Capital Markets, EdTech, Public, DCI

Developing Blockchain Courseware for University Program
Satyajit Deshmukhsatyajit.deshmukh007@gmail.comGlad to take any task or architect
Ravi Vasravinayag@gmail.comGithub Updates
Padm Sambhavsambhava31bbs@gmail.comOpen for any documentation/design work. Area of Interest HL Fabric.


Madeline Murraymadeline.murray@consensys.netBesu
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  1. How do I get my name on this list?

  2. Top, right, click Edit.  I added a row at the bottom (with the top menu) for your name and information.

  3. Join the call today at 1pm ET, direction to Zoom Room:

    Learning Materials Development Working Group