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Agency for Digital ItalyTransforming Digital Government


Smart DubaiFirst City on The Blockchain

Delaware Business

Quebec RegistrationDigital Trust The Org Book

Smart Bike

Smart Cycling & Identity - Nov. 9,

Dutch Blockchain for Good

Rwanda Tantalum ProjectCirculor achieves first-ever-mine-to manufacturer traceability of a conflict mineral with Hyperledger Fabric


How Walmart brought unprecedented transparency to the food supply chain with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Supply Chain, Food, Agriculture, Retailers
Topics: Traceability, Open Source Blockchain, Consortiums, Trust, Speed, Immutability, Verified Networks, Decentralization, Food-borne illnesses and outbreaks, Food waste

Circulor Achieves First Ever Mine to Manufacturer Traceability of a Conflict Mineral Using Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Mining
Topics: Hyperledger Fabric, IOT, facial recognition technology combined for doing first-ever mine to manufacturer traceability of a conflict-mineral for supply chains
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric

MonetaGo builds world’s first blockchain production network with Hyperledger Fabric

Industry: Financial Services
Topics: Information and communications technology (ICT) environment, Industry Use Cases, Financial Services, Fraud Prevention
Project(s): Hyperledger Fabric
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