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Getting a Linux Login
Join the calls
Edit a Wiki Page ( Edit Mode)
How to Get Involved

 Add email to LMDWG Wiki Member directory and Task sign up

  • Join Bi-weekly call
  • Sponsor a Project, Working Group or Special Interest Group
  • Create Standard for Documentation
    • For each Project out of Incubation (Minimum Documentation Required)
    • Standards for each type of resource created (Look /feel/ content) 
  • Group Maintainer
    • Meeting Agendas / Notes /Recordings 
    • Run Zoom Meetings
    • Create quarterly Reports to TSC


This is an orientation guide to help members contribute to our group.

Why Join?

Learning materials development is a field that is high in demand and growing. 

News media is always reporting about the big problem of skills gaps.

Creating quality learning material is not easy.  

Its much more than creating a "How-to" guide with steps on how to do something.

The objective of good learning material is not just conveying information.

Roadblocks to good material include confusion, boredom, and declining motivation.

Good learning material development include skills such as project management,  effective writing, graphic design, psychology, and some programming.

level of motivation is the desire of a reward multiplied  by the probability of obtaining that reward.

understanding that formula and how it applies to our group will help membership and material quality.

How to contribute

Get an understanding of Hyperledger Greenhouse that includes Framework (Primary Hyperledger products ) and Tools (products that help in the use of Hyperledger Frameworks)

Pick a Hyperledger Greenhouse project to work on.  

An alternative to Hyperledger Greenhouse project is special interest groups,  use cases, and other similar projects.

Another alternative is to look for current problems that nobody is working on or thinking about needed projects that currently do not exist.

An example is to create or contribute to internal use learning material such as how to use git/github, confluence, rocket-chat

          (I still don't how how to initiate a direct message ), zoom (such things as record and sharing screen)

Learn enough about that project to contribute to existing learning material or start your own new learning material project

For existing learning projects, go to the Resource page and look for exact things to do  (need to list out tasks to do)

If there is no to-do list for a project, ask the project liaison to give you a task   (need to include project contact information)

Another thing to do is to sign up as an available tester of material   (need to create sign up sheet for testers) 

A good way to find work is to look at projects with any status except for complete   (make sure the status of project is up to date)


What’s the purpose?

The Hyperledger (LMDWG) Learning Materials Working Group’s mission is to support the Hyperledger community by maintaining a Recourse Library that houses accurate and current learning materials.  Bi-weekly calls foster open communication and focus on identifying opportunities for near-term collaboration between participants. These conversations could lead to a Learning Material resources for the Hyperledger community.

Do you need to be a Hyperledger member?

No, this group is intended to promote the exploration of Hyperledger's blockchain application support materials and is open to everyone interested in positively collaborating. To be a Wiki maintainer, a Linux login is necessary. 

What topics will you cover?

Where do the conversations take place?

Where is the Resources Library


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