did:peer, Resolver Architecture, Protocol Test Suite

Note: This call is Recorded. Recordings posted at the bottom of the page.


(12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, Tuesday at 5AM Sydney)

Anti-Trust Policy:

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Hyperledger Code of Conduct


Mike RichardsonStarlings
Cloud Compass/BC

Audrius Ramoska123c
George AristySecureKey



Welcome / Introductions

Related Meetings Review

Morning call

Ursa - anoncreds 1.0 discussion

Indy Semantics - Schema 2.0 HIPE, Aries Semantics WG? Hold off for the summer.

DIDComm and did:peer (20 min)
DID resolution arch (20 min)Markus Sabadello
Protocol Test Suite (15 min)Demo and questions
DID Doc Conventions (30 min)(not covered due to lack of time)
Open Discussion

Next Week

Future Topics

Action items

Call Recording

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  1. Time "12PM Los Angeles, 2PM New York" doesn't seem right.

    1. It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. A proposal to improve the agenda format in the wiki:
    We should replace the tables with lists of bullets. It would be easier to take notes and it would be much easier to copy and paste between agendas. (For an example, see the agenda for 2019-07-03-1.)

    People seemed comfortable when I raised this on Rocket Chat. If no one objects here, I'll make that change to next week's agenda.