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Iroha is a straightforward distributed ledger technology (DLT), inspired by Japanese Kaizen principle — eliminate excessiveness (muri). Iroha has essential functionality for your asset, information and identity management needs, at the same time being an efficient and trustworthy crash fault-tolerant tool for your enterprise needs.


Iroha has the following features:

  • Creation and management of custom fungible assets, such as currencies, kilos of gold, etc.
  • Management of user accounts
  • Taxonomy of accounts based on domains in the system
  • The system of rights and verification of user permissions for the execution of transactions and queries in the system


The main inspiration for Iroha 2 described in the White paper.

User guides and good information to start placed on Read the Docs.

Confluence pages of Iroha 2 provide you with information about software development related aspects: 

Github repository contains developers oriented information about builds, tests, contribution to project and usage of project inside your projects.

Contribution and Requests

Every new feature should go through the following steps:

  1. Requests for Comments is created and filled according to the instruction
    1. All stakeholders commented or wrote a comment that they do not have anything to add or time to comment
    2. Decisions, Assumptions and all other Solution's sections filled
    3. Status changed to "Completed".
  2. RFC moved to the Architecture Decision Records Log
    1. Requirement placed into the table Needs and Requirements with reference to the RFC
  3. Issues and Epics created in Jira
    1. All issues linked back in the table Needs and Requirements

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