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DescriptionHyperledger Iroha is designed to be simple and easy to incorporate into infrastructural or IoT projects requiring distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger Iroha features a simple construction, modular, domain-driven C++ design, emphasis on client application development and a new, crash fault tolerant consensus algorithm, called YAC.

Iroha is a distributed ledger project, that aims to provide a development environment where C++ and mobile application developers could contribute to Hyperledger. The project seeks to complement Fabric, Sawtooth, and other potential projects, being a framework with pre-defined set of commands, permissions and queries that can be used with various client libraries to easily create applications for desktop and mobile platforms.

Iroha is inspired by Japanese Kaizen principle — eliminate excessiveness (muri). Iroha has essential functionality for asset, information or identity management, at the same time being an efficient and trustworthy byzantine fault-tolerant tool for your enterprise needs. 

Key Characteristics

Permissioned network; written in C++; Client libraries in Java, Python, JS, Swift; BFT consensus algorithm YetAnotherConsensus (YAC); ready-to-use set of commands and queries, Multi-signature transactions.


Project Management

Proposals can be created in Jira or suggested and discussed in chat. Those who can implement the proposals then write the code. If people want to know what to work on, they can ask in a special contributors chat or create an issue to get attention. Github projects are used to manage release versions.




Mailing List

Chat (for questions and ephemeral discussions)

Questions are welcome and best asked in Hyperledger Discord.  Learn more about Hyperledger Discord here, get the invite and check out one of the many Iroha project channels. Iroha also uses the following platforms:


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