Workshops are in depth technical events that show you how to get started using and contributing to one of Hyperledger's projects.  You are welcome to register for free to any upcoming workshops or to watch the recordings of past workshops.  And if you have suggestions for what topics to cover in future workshops, please feel free to leave a comment on this page.

Upcoming Workshops

Completed Workshops

Recordings of all of these workshops are on the Hyperledger YouTube channel.  You can also find out more about each workshop at the following links.

Other Learning Resources

In addition to our workshops, there are also training courses, tutorials and meetups that provide more information about how to use and contribute to Hyperledger projects.  If you're looking to learn more, check out these resources:

Getting Involved

And if you'd like to get involved with the Hyperledger community and contribute to any projects or labs, you are welcome to do so.  Everything in the Hyperledger community is open to anyone who is interested.  More details about connecting with the community members are below.

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    • More workshops to be scheduled for 2023.  If you have thoughts on what you'd like to see in a workshop, feel free to leave comments on this page.

    Online bootcamps, for example, those that run for eight weeks and offer two hours of instruction per day, focused on Hyperledger Fabric would be interesting, as they would enable beginners to learn and gain a deeper understanding of this technology.

    Additionally, online hackathons focused on Hyperledger Fabric would also be interesting.

    Just my 2 cents (smile)

    1. Jimmy Cheung – Thanks for the feedback.  A couple years ago we did have a running series of learning sessions focused on Fabric that acted like a bootcamp and people liked that.  I think it would be great to get something like that going again.  And good feedback about a hackathon too – we've been discussing that recently and may do something like that this year.