Blockchain Interoperability with Hyperledger Cacti Workshop


  • Monday November 14, 2022 from 11am - 2pm ET

Slides and Recording:

Workshop description:

We present the "Blockchain Interoperability with Hyperledger Cacti" workshop, the first Hyperledger Foundation Community Workshop dedicated to blockchain interoperability. This is a three hour online course to introduce the core concepts and principles of blockchain interoperability. You will learn the foundations of interoperability, followed by an introduction to several Hyperledger projects on the field: Weaver, YUI, Firefly, and Cacti. We present in depth several Cacti's components, including its Plugin Architecture, API Server, Test Development & Execution (All-In-One Container Images), an Hello World of Cacti, and considerations about the future of the project.

Preparation :

1) Install the project dependencies and development environment described at the developer's guide (until the command yarn run configure).

2) Run a test from any package to confirm that everything is correctly setup. Follow the instructions from the developer's guide from the yarn run configure step up to the build-script-decision tree step (excluding).

This workshop only supports Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM (or bare metal).

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Getting Involved

And if you'd like to get involved with the Cactus community, you are welcome to do so.  Everything the Cactus project does is open to anyone who is interested.  More details about connecting with Cacti community members are below.

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