Decentralized Identity + Interoperability: Connecting Credo (Agent Framework Javascript) with Hyperledger Besu, Cardano, Cheqd, Hyperledger AnonCreds, and OIDC4VC


  • Thursday February 8, 2024 at 8AM Pacific to Noon

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The Hyperledger implementation of self-sovereign identity (SSI) is traditionally associated with CL AnonCreds verifiable credential format, Hyperledger Aries exchange protocols based on DIDComm and a Hyperledger Indy ledger as a verifiable data registry (VDR). These are mature technologies used in production systems. Hyperledger Indy and CL AnonCreds played a key role in shaping self-sovereign identity before the establishment of various other SSI standards and specifications.

Nowadays such specifications as W3C VC, OpenID for Verifiable Credentials (OIDC4VC), SD-JWT and others gain increasing attention due to plans for adoption by European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework, NIST, DHS etc. Moreover, although Indy Ledger is a great and proven VDR option for permissioned cases, nowadays permissionless proof-of-stake ledgers can be a reasonable alternative, as well as other distributed ledger technologies (DLT) from the Hyperledger family.

The main goal of the workshop is to invalidate a misconception that Hyperledger Aries SSI projects can only work with CL AnonCreds, DIDComm and Indy Ledger. We are going to apply Credo (Agent Framework JavaScript) for issuance and verification of Verifiable Credentials in W3C format, use OIDC4VC for credentials exchange, and leverage external permissionless ledgers as a VDR. Moreover, we are going to show a synergy between two graduated Hyperledger projects: Aries and Besu. It will be done by means of a new Indy-Besu effort and repo.

This workshop will be livestreamed and recorded. 


For the hands-on, we are going to use a Gitpod profile, which you can log into through your GitHub account.

  • Join GitPod here
  • We ask all participants to make sure that they have at least a few hours of workspace usage in their Gitpod profile to participate in the hands-on. You can check this using this link:
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome or Firefox.


The planned agenda consists of three main parts:
• Decentralized Identity (SSI) Overview
• Overview of SSI standards involved into demonstration (W3C VC, CL AnonCreds, OIDC4VC, Aries,
• Overview of SSI frameworks involved into demonstration (Hyperledger Indy, Agent
Framework JavaScript, Hyperledger Besu, cheqd, Cardano, etc.)
• Non-Indy VDR + CL AnonCreds: Hyperledger AFJ + Cardano as VDR
• Non-Indy VDR + W3C VC: Hyperledger AFJ + cheqd as VDR
• OIDC4VC in Hyperledger AFJ
• Non-Indy VDR + CL AnonCreds: Hyperledger AFJ + Hyperledger Besu (Indy Ledger 2.0) as VDR
• Non-Indy VDR + W3C VC: Hyperledger AFJ + Hyperledger Besu (Indy Ledger 2.0) as VDR


Workshop Wiki Page:


GitPod workspace creation:


Hyperledger Identity SIG

Hyperledger Aries Wiki page

Hyperledger AnonCreds Wiki page

Hyperledger Besu Wiki Page

Hyperledger Indy Wiki page

Hyperledger Aries Framework Javascript 0.4.0 Workshop

OWF Credo

Credo (Agent Framework Javascript) GitHub

Credo (Agent Framework Javascript) Docs


Verifiable Credentials @ W3C

Decentralized Identifiers @ W3C

DID Methods

Trust Over IP


Agent Framework Javascript

Indy - Besu VDR


Aries BiFold

AnonCreds & AnonCreds Spec

W3C VC Representation Support

W3C Verifiable Credential (W3C Recommendation 2022) (W3C Working Draft)

Aries RFCS


DIDComm v1:

DIDComm v2:

List of DIDComm Protocols:

Aries Interop

Profile V1

Aries Interop

Profile V2

OpenID Connect For VCs (OIDC4VC)

1.1 Authentication: SIOPv2

1.2 Presentation: OIDC4VP

2.0 Issuance: OIDC4VCI

Cardano & SSI

AFJ-Cardano Extension:

Atala Prism:



Integrated into AFJ:

Hyperledger Besu:

Besu Good First Ticket:



Learning Resources

If you'd like to prepare for this workshop by learning more about self sovereign identity and blockchain interoperability we recommend these resources:

Getting Involved

If you'd like to get involved with the Identity community at Hyperledger, you are welcome to do so.  Everything the projects are involved with is open to anyone who is interested.  More details about connecting with Identity community members are below.

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