DescriptionThe purpose of the Identity Special Interest Group is to discuss, research, and document ways to capture, store, transmit and use Identities on the DLT, specifically for the projects in the Hyperledger greenhouse. The Identities can be of nodes that participate in the running of the DLT or entities that transact on the DLT.


The Identity SIG hosts regular calls where people are invited to share and present about how they are implementing identity solutions.  Check out our playlist of past presentations and join us for our next call.  Join the group's communication channels to get details about upcoming presentations.

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These are the mechanisms that this group uses to communicate.  If you're interested in what the group is doing, join our list or chat channel and introduce yourself and take part in the discussion.

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The scope is limited to the various lifecycle events and use of Identity needed to securely participate in the Hyperledger Project DLT implementations.  We host a series of presentations on the Identity aspects of blockchain implementations in Hyperledger projects.

In scope is the dissemination of information on various pure Identity projects like Indy and Aries. Also in scope are efforts to launch such projects in Hyperledger  or create identity labs in Hyperledger labs.

The Hyperledger Implementer's  calls track implementations in the various implementation tracks: Indy, Aries and others. 

We are also keyed into the wider Identity ecosystem, globally. Standards work around Identity is also reported on; specifically we track the Verifiable Credential Group,  DIF, TOIP and W3C DID specification.

In addition, we are working on a whitepaper on Identity, 


All Hyperledger meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy.

Bi-weekly call on Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific. See the Calendar of Public Meetings for the next meeting and dial in details.

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