We hope to accumulate links here that talk to all Identity Standards work. Short updates form this will be used in the paper. Some are already input into the paper and need work polishing up.


The Self-Sovereign Identity Stack by Oliver Terbu OSI

Existing Identity Standards

Evolving Identity Standards

Solid (derived from "social linked data") is a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications based on Linked Data principles. Solid is modular and extensible. It relies as much as possible on existing W3Cstandards and protocols. (emphasis added by this author)

From https://www.w3.org/Security/strong-authentication-and-identity-workshop/cfp.html#topics

  • Strong Authentication: FIDO, WebAuthn, IFAA, DIDAuth, OpenID Connect, IEEE 2410
  • Strong Identity: ISO 29003, Entity Attestation Token (EAT)
  • Decentralized Identity (DID): Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technologies, Verifiable Credentials
  • Federation: OpenID Connect, SAML, IndieAuth, DID
  • Credentials: Verifiable Credentials, JWT, JSON-LD, Entity Attestation Token (EAT)
  • Requirements: Ease of Use, Accessibility, Internationalization, Security, Privacy

Recap of the workshop conducted in December

Other topics of interest.

  • Link Secret for pairwise DiDs

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