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Overview of Proposal

When HL got started we were very busy with fundamental governance questions and had the luxury of strong contributions taking place in the Architecture and other working groups. Now that HL has matured significantly, it makes sense to bring those technical discussions – that we in a sense outsourced to the working groups – back into the TSC.

A goal that we can aim towards with these discussions is something of a 2021 roadmap. There are a great many questions we can delve into. Here are a few that come to mind to get others generated…

  • What functionality are we lacking across the portfolio?
  • What are the most difficult maintenance issues affecting the projects?
  • Can we articulate a list of tooling gaps?
  • What are the biggest adoption obstacles for Hyperledger technologies?

Notes from Architecture Working Group:

Our current structure (for purposes of discussion):

Formal Proposal(s)

Action Items

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  1. It would be very easy to get lost in the interconnectedness of problems that affect any discussion of long term agenda. Arguably, setting a "vision" is the easiest part. Creating the structure to guide projects towards that vision, ensuring that there are sufficient developers who are focused on "long term" projects (as opposed to developers focused on "the next release"), elevating "integration of a tool" to a state of desirability, ... All of these are likely to be more problematic than creating the vision. 

    What are the tangible, well-defined, and mostly independent tasks that could be carved out? Those are likely to be more successful in having impact rather than a "grand vision"

    1. I am not sure that I agree with that. Remember, we are the Technical Steering Committee. I view are our role is to set a target and steer projects, etc towards it.

      So we need to know where we are going, what gaps do we have / hurdles to overcome, then figure out the steps, tools, etc to get there.

      The first step is deciding if we want to continue to be a bunch of silos with different toolings, processes, etc. This makes it difficult for people to contribute and move between projects, which makes the silos stronger.

      I think we are a tipping point with respect to these issues. Do we want to be a more cohesive set of efforts or do we want to continue as fairly disjoint efforts.