Possible values:

* "PROPOSED" in Grey specifies that discussion is underway. 

* "READY FOR VOTE" in Blue specifies that the proposal has been finalized and is ready for the TSC to vote.

* "RESOLVED" in Green specifies that the decision was made by the TSC.

BlockingLinks to pages for projects or initiatives that are blocked by this decision
OutcomeCapture what was decided
Minutes LinkProvides a link to the minutes where the decision was made by the TSC. The minutes will have the vote result (e.g., unanimously approved)

Overview of Proposal

When HL got started we were very busy with fundamental governance questions and had the luxury of strong contributions taking place in the Architecture and other working groups. Now that HL has matured significantly, it makes sense to bring those technical discussions – that we in a sense outsourced to the working groups – back into the TSC.

A goal that we can aim towards with these discussions is something of a 2021 roadmap. There are a great many questions we can delve into. Here are a few that come to mind to get others generated…

Notes from Architecture Working Group:

Our current structure (for purposes of discussion):

Formal Proposal(s)

Include proposal(s) that the TSC will vote on.

Action Items

Include any tasks here that need to be completed once the decision has been approved by the TSC

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