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Kamlesh Nagware

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Short personal bio

I(Kamlesh -Linkedin) am Chief Technology Officer - Blockchain at Snapper Future Tech(Hyperledger Member) and Co-Lead Hyperledger India chapter, Hyperledger Meetup organizer Pune/Mumbai, an active contributor in Trust Over IP Foundation. Previously worked at IBM as Blockchain Consultant, working in Hyperledger Technologies since its foundation  & started with fabric 0.6  and I was associated with various Blockchain Initiatives such as Member of IBM Academy of Technology, Mentoring Blockchain Startups in IBM Startup Accelerator Program. I am also among the TOP 30 Indian Blockchain Influencers who are helping blockchain adoption and influencing the global blockchain community.  An active contributor to Hyperledgr community as Climate Action & Accounting SIG, Trade Finance SIG, Healthcare SIG, and Hyperledger global forum Committee member 2021. Hyperledger mentor for Hyperledger fabric and Aries integration mentorship project and 3 other mentorship projects in Climate action & Accounting  SIG, Hyperledger Cactus. Organized a few events (eg. HYPERHACK 2021,) for the blockchain community earlier this year and actively involved in various Hyperledger initiatives such as "Call to strengthen Open Collaboration among all Hyperledger Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, and Chapters".  Also an active member of diverse Indian blockchain communities involved in Crypto, Business, and enterprise use cases and my focus on adoption and popularity of Hyperledger technologies in these communities. Recently I was featured in  Blockchain Won't Save the World Podcast by Anthony Day  shared the India Blockchain story with the global community.Podcast Podcast

Short personal pitch

I would like to nominate myself to serve on the Technical Steering Committee.  My role as CTO in a Blockchain startup and 6 years of Blockchain experience(Total 12 yrs experience of software design & development) would be helpful for the Hyperledger Technical steering committee. In the last 6 years, I have worked with diverse sets of use cases at different stages Proof of Concept to large-scale production deployment. Working with so many use cases and the different sizes of project implementation experience is helpful for making a decision and roadmap for Hyperledger technologies. Recently  I have done a presentation on the Hyperledger fabric performance improvement plan in the Hyperledger contributor meeting, actually this improvement plan I have created for one of my enterprise customer who needs fabric performance up to 50 K TPS for large-scale deployment. As Hyperledger India chapter lead I have organized "blockchain success stories 2020 & 2021 and Hyperhack 2020 & 2021, student society chapter and currently working with community & hyperledger staff to set up Industry wing in the Hyperledger India chapter. Also, responded to " India Blockchain Policy" to consider Hyperledger technologies for India blockchain infrastructure. 

Blockchain, Open source & community building : 

  1. It is a pleasure to speak at Hyperledger global forum 2021 Global forum 2021 speaker
  2. Volunteered my time this summer to mentor 1 person and   3 more mentees as co-mentor .Hyperledger Mentorship
  3. Recently become part of Hyperledger Speakers Bureau
  4. Part of the HGF 2021 program committee and Event co-ordinator.
  5. Organize meetups in India and help individuals to get involved with the Hyperledger community,
  6. Active in Tech conferences, on social media, and advocate Blockchain & specially Hyperledger Technologies
  7. Sharing my knowledge & experience with blockchain enthusiasts, proud to say that many candidates passed CHFA after watching my video on the Hyperledger Sweden meetup group.Sweden Study Circle discusses CHFA-Kamlesh Nagware
  8. Presents in various technical & management universities to talk about Hyperledger technologies.  
  9. Organizing  Hyperledger India chapter weekly meetings participation of Hyperledger India Chapter's 
  10. Peer programming call in Climate action & Accounting SIG and active contributions to Hyperledger labs.
  11. Part of Hyperledger Developer showcase series to share what I want to see in Hyperledger in the upcoming 5 years.Developer Showcase Series: Kamlesh Nagware, Snapper Future Tech
  12. Actively joined Hyperledger Asia monthly marketing meeting to present my Company Snapper Future Tech & Hyperledger India chapter.

My goal as a TSC member includes:

  • Help Hyperledger projects with my industry experience and working with various business use cases.
  • Help companies learn and adopt hyperledger blockchain technologies.
  • Bridge industry, academia, and open-source community.
  • Bring user pain points & expectations from an Industry perspective so TSC could take the right decision of Hyperledger projects roadmap.
  • Blockchain interoperability - cross Hyperledger projects and other blockchains ( I am working with one mentee to integrate Fabric  & Aries Hyperledger Fabric - Hyperledger Aries Integration to support Fabric as Blockchain ledger
  • Bridge the gap between what industry needs and Open source development. Much needed Improvement in Hyperledger technologies as per Industry 
  • Promote Hyperledger in Industry & academia so we can create a bigger  & bigger community

Thanks very much for your consideration!!

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